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XIII remaster has been pushed back to 2020

XIII remake has been pushed back to 2020 but no time frame is announced:

Watch XIII remaster teaser trailer: 

XIII Remaster Teaser Trailer

The XIII remaster which was slated to release in 2019, will release in 2020. XIII was first launched on Xbox, PS2, Gamecube & PC & its remaster will be available on current consoles. XIII is set to be released on PS4, Xbox One, PC & Nintendo Switch in 2020.

The game needs polish & developers need more time to make a game which meets fans’ expectations. There is no time frame available within next year for XIII launch.

XIII Story:

XIII Story
XIII Story

Jason Fly is the main character of this game who wakes up in a beach house. He is severely wounded, & has lost his memory, & he has a locker key & nothing else. Strange assaulters attack him & they are sent by a hitman named Mongoose. Later during XIII gameplay, President has been assassinated & Jason is arrested because his face resembles the killer.

XIII Gameplay:

It is a first person shooter video game which features stealth & action. XIII story is focused on the protagonist who has awaken after deep sleep. He can choose various weapons & gadgets to solve the puzzles & get to know himself. There are 13 chapters & 34 missions in total.

XIII Gameplay
XIII Gameplay

There are 16 weapons including melee & range weapons. Also pick up stuff like bottles, chairs etc & use them for beating opponents. Use enemies as a human shield who can protect you from enemy gun fire. Use lock picks for unlocking doors & grapnels for climbing walls. Strangle rivals & hide enemy corpses which will help you in stealth.

XIII Full Game Walkthrough:

Watch XIII full game walkthrough which covers all cutscenes, all 13 chapters & 34 missions, & ending.

XIII Full Game Walkthrough

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