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Dauntless has left early access with a massive update

Free to play game Dauntless has left its early access with a massive update:

Watch Dauntless Aether Unbound official launch trailer:

Dauntless Aether Unbound Launch Trailer

Dauntless is a free to play game & it has left its early access on 26 September 2019. The game is released on PS4, PC & Xbox One. It will launch on Nintendo Switch later. Version 1.0 of Dauntless has launched on 26 September as well as a seasonal DLC is available called Aether Unbound.

A new bounty system provides a new method to get experience for hunts.

A new behemoth is available called Temptestborn Stormclaw. Watch the preview of this monster in a trailer below:

Dauntless Screenshot
Dauntless Screenshot

A new weapon is released which is called the Aether Strikers. Aether Unbound is available which is the beginning of a new season of content. A new Hunt Pass, weapons, behemoths & challenges are released as well.

Dauntless is an action role playing game which gives you several tasks to complete but for finishing those tasks you will need to fight. Behemoths are big & genius monsters, so if you perform mindless attacks then it will be useless. Before you can actually fight behemoth learn their move set, discover their weak points & hit them on those points for more damage.

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