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Pokemon Go gets Deoxys raids & ultra bonuses

Pokemon Go receives Deoxys Raids, & more ultra bonuses:

Deoxys Raid, Shiny Regionals & Kanto Pokemons

This week of Pokemon Go set of bonuses contain Deoxys joining raids & Kanto region Pokemon hatching from 7 km eggs.

New Pokemons will be hatching from newly arrived 7 km eggs & they will have a chance to be shiny. Also any eggs you received till now will not have any of these regional Pokemon in them. The regional Pokemon in eggs will be available even after this week’s bonus is over. You can get them until 23 September at 4 PM ET. Use incubators to hatch such eggs.

Deoxys have come back to Pokemon Go raids & it will be available until 16 September at 4 PM ET, so it is the time to get this rare Mythical Pokemon. Such Pokemons are available in 4 different forms: Normal, Defense, Attack & Speed.

Pokemon Go gets Deoxys raids

You can easily beat Deoxys with speed, normal & attack using a team of 4 or more players with good counters, its defense forms are hard to take down & you will need 7 or more players to beat them.

Deoxys’ pokemon are not good at raiding. Attack & normal forms have lower defense, but they have higher attacks.

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