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MediEvil Review | Story | Gameplay

Find MediEvil review, story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

We have added everything we know about MediEvil including its review, story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

MediEvil Story Trailer:

Watch MediEvil official story trailer.

MediEvil Story Trailer

MediEvil Reveal Trailer:

Watch MediEvil official reveal trailer.

MediEvil Reveal Trailer

MediEvil Demo Trailer:

Watch MediEvil official demo trailer.

MediEvil Demo Trailer

MediEvil Review:

MediEvil is an adventurous video game which contains hack & slash elements. You will control an undead knight named Daniel in this game who is fighting against an evil magician & his army to protect his realm. MediEvil is a remake of the original game which launched in 1998.

The graphics of the new game has been tremendously improved & also game mechanics are upgraded. You will control a skeleton knight who is attempting to defend his realm from an evil magician.

MediEvil Review
MediEvil Review

The original MediEvil which launched in 1998 was a successful project. The game had enough humor to put a smile on fans’ faces.

The major difference b/w remake & old version of the game is that now players are able to control camera well.

The camera moves very well in the remake. Nowadays mostly video games use auto cameras which situate themselves nearly where players want them to be. New games feature camera controls that move relatively smoothly. This is the main reason why MediEvil developers have done a great job.

MediEvil Story:

MediEvil Story
MediEvil Story

MediEvil narrative starts in the year 1286, when a magician wants to invade the empire of Gallowmere with an army of dead. During war, the knight of Gallowmere named Daniel along with his army killed the magician, but Dan died after an arrow hit him in war. After a century, the evil magician appears again & with his black magic he revives his dead army but accidentally he also awakens Dan. The game will let you control Dan to beat the evil magician, protect his empire & become a true warrior.

MediEvil Gameplay:

You can control a skeleton who discovers a spooky planet of undead & creatures.

There are multiple levels available in this game, & players need to complete certain goals to complete the level & progress through the game story. Dan can use multiple weapons, which contain long range weapons including crossbow, & short range weapons including swords & clubs. Weapons can be charged for a harder attack & some of them including clubs can let players access locations that are impossible to reach without. If players don’t have any weapon, then they can use Dan’s arm as a weapon which can be used for melee & ranged attacks. Dan uses a shield to save himself from enemies’ attacks but shield has a limited strength & it must be used carefully.

MediEvil Gameplay
MediEvil Gameplay

Players’ health is determined using a health bar, which depletes when enemy hits them. It will reach zero if protagonist drowns or falls from too high surface. MediEvil will terminate if health of protagonist reaches zero. The max. health of players can be extended if they gather life bottles, which can replenish health bar automatically if it reaches zero. Life Vials & Life Fountains are hidden in the game & if players find it then it will refill players’ health & replenish any empty life bottles they have. In every stage, Chalice of Souls is hidden & players can collect it if they kill many opponents. If players manage to complete a stage with a Chalice in hand, then they will receive rewards, such as weapons. If they are successful in completing the game with all the Chalices, then they will be able to watch the true ending.

MediEvil Specifications:

  • Developer: Other Ocean Emeryville
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Series: MediEvil
  • Platform: PS4
  • Release Date: 25 October 2019
  • Genres: Action-adventure, hack & slash
  • Mode: Single-player

MediEvil Full Game Walkthrough:

Watch MediEvil full game walkthrough which includes all cutscenes, all levels & ending.

MediEvil Full Game Walkthrough

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