Most important features of PS5 which separate it from previous consoles have not been announced yet:

According to Ryan, most important features of PS5 have not been revealed yet. We do not know how these hardware related features will separate PS5 from previous consoles.

In an interview with Business Inside Japan, Sony president & CEO Jim Ryan talked about unique attributes of PS5. He mentioned the improvements of Sony over previous console such as haptic feedback in controller, 3D audio, & an SSD which lets PS5 work tremendously faster than previous generation. But Ryan also said that there are more important features of PS5 which have not been revealed yet. These unannounced attributes separate PS5 from current consoles.

So it means that we haven’t seen the real potential of PS5 yet & it might be able to do things we are not expecting.

PS5 logo, release window, disk drive, new features of controller, games, user interface, ray tracing, SSD, & more:

The logo of PS5 can be seen below:

PS5 Logo

The game lineup & more features will be revealed later.

PS5 - Release Date:

Sony has officially announced their next console & it is called PlayStation 5, & it is set to be launched in the Holiday 2020. We don’t know about its price but Sony has shared details about its controller, its discs, ray tracing support, SSD, UI features, & more features PS5 will use.

PS5 - Support VR Headset:

PS5 supports PS VR headset
PS5 supports PS VR headset
(Image Credit: Sony)

PS5 will be able to support current PS VR headset along with move controllers.

PS5 - SSD:

Sony will not use hard drive in PS5 & it will be replaced by SSD which is much faster than hard drive. It will use a disc drive & its discs can store up to 100 GB of data. You need to install game before playing it but PS5 will ask if you want to just install a multiplayer campaign, or setup the complete game & then remove the single player part once it is installed.

PS5 - Ray Tracing:

A ray tracing acceleration is used in the GPU hardware.

PS5 - User Interface:

The updated UI will let you see more details on what you can play at any time, along with details about what your buddies are doing.

PS5’s new UI will let you see information about friends’ games without launching the games. PS5 will be able to boot games quickly but you won’t need to boot the game to see what’s up.

PS5 - Games:

FIFA & Call of Duty would be making its way to PS5 though their developers have not confirmed it yet.

Godfall & Final Fantasy VII remake will be available on PS5.

However, you can play any PS4 game on PS5 as the upcoming console supports backward compatibility.

Bluepoint Games is developing remakes including Shadow of the Colossus & Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, & they are developing a game for PS5 which they said is a big one.

The upcoming console will be environmental friendly.

PS5 - Information Not Available Yet:

The important details that are not released yet include exact launch date, price, controller, & physical appearance of console.

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