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We have added everything we know about Valfaris including its review, gameplay, story, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

Valfaris Gameplay Trailer:

Watch Valfaris gameplay trailer.

Valfaris Gameplay Trailer

Valfaris Trailer:

Watch Valfaris official trailer.

Valfaris Trailer

Valfaris Reveal Trailer:

Watch Valfaris official reveal trailer.

Valfaris Reveal Trailer

Valfaris Launch Date Trailer:

Watch Valfaris official launch date trailer.

Valfaris Launch Date Trailer

Valfaris Review:

It is a 2D platformer set in a science fiction planet.

Valfaris Review
Valfaris Review

Valfaris takes you into a distant future. The story is focused on fortress of Valfaris, which disappeared long ago, & it surprisingly shows up in the orbit of a dying Sun. You can begin this game as a hero who spent his childhood in this fortress. He is on a mission to find out how this fortress disappeared & also beat the devil who lives inside this fortress.

Valfaris Gameplay:

During gameplay of Valfaris, you will discover big maps, avoid dangers & pitfalls, & battle against swarms of foes.

Valfaris just provides a single player campaign. The game uses an extensive & cruel battle system, & you can use a variety of guns. Valfaris allows you to battle against enemies & solve riddles.

Valfaris Gameplay
Valfaris Gameplay

It is a sequel to Slain. Like its previous installment, Valfaris is a 2D side scrolling action video game set in the far off reaches of space where you need to beat swarms of creatures. There are flying, slithering & crawling creatures that can spit acids & they can use multiple ways to defeat you. Use a big gun & multiple tools for your defense.

Valfaris Story:

Valfaris Story
Valfaris Story

Therion is a fearless son of Valfaris, & he comes back to find out the truth behind the vanishing of fortress & reappearing in the orbit of an extinguishing sun, & to defeat the evil.

The Verdict:

Critics praised Valfaris
Critics Score

Valfaris has satisfactory graphics & performance. The tracks of the game are pleasing, & the complete graphic design is just awesome. I think it is the best metal game of this year. The game offers difficult gameplay & boss fights are challenging. If you want to play 2D classic run & gun contra like game, then I suggest you to play Valfaris. There are many weapons to choose from, environments look classic & there are many boss encounters. The level designs are extra ordinary, controls are tight, & the game has multiple enemy types.

Valfaris Specifications:

  • Genre: Action, Indie
  • Developer: Steel Mantis
  • Publisher: Big Sugar
  • Release Date (PS4): 5 November 2019
  • Platforms: PC Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Xbox One

Valfaris Full Game Walkthrough:

Watch Valfaris full game walkthrough which includes all cutscenes, all levels & ending.

Valfaris Full Game Walkthrough

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