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Overwatch 2 is focused on PvE mode & story missions

Overwatch 2 includes all characters & maps of Overwatch along with new characters, PvE mode, story missions & more:

Watch Overwatch 2 gameplay walkthrough:

Overwatch 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

Overwatch 2 will include all characters, maps, models & skins featured in Overwatch along with new story quests, a new mode known as Push, & new characters. We have added 2 hours of Overwatch 2 gameplay walkthrough above:

Overwatch 2 will use an upgraded engine which means the game will use improved characters & also larger maps.

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

PvP mode stands for player versus player. It is a type of multiplayer fight b/w 2 or more human players.

PvE mode stands for player versus enemies which allows players to fight against AI controlled enemies & / or players.

Overwatch 2 includes a new story mode. Overwatch was basically a PvP multiplayer game but the next installment seems to be focusing on co-op PvE content that will allow you to fight against swarms of AI controlled rivals in both story mode & replayable hero quests. You can also upgrade your characters & customize their skills.

Overwatch 2 will improve user experience as the game is focused on PvE mode & new story quests are available. These cooperative focused engagements will allow you to make a squad with other gamers, & fight against AI opponents. You can improve features of your characters.

The limited timed events called Archives were basically the original game’s narrative quests & it brought a team of gamers together to battle against swarms of foes in story driven adventures. These limited timed events in Overwatch were only a sampling of what to expect in the sequel. In Overwatch 2, these have been expanded into new story driven quests & cooperative engagements, which have a team of gamers battle through stages full of foes & mini bosses.

Playing PvE mode will allow you to enhance & adapt your heroes’ abilities.

The sequel also includes PvP modes & maps. A new Push mode along with new maps & modes will be available in the next installment. Overwatch 2 includes 6 vs 6 battle, similar to predecessor.

All current heroes & maps will get refined first & then carried over to Overwatch 2.

A shared multiplayer environment will be available which will allow Overwatch users to play against Overwatch 2 users in PvP multiplayer & users will be able to access Overwatch 2 characters & maps.

Overwatch 2 release date is not announced yet.

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