2-3 story mud huts are now available in Green Hell:

Green Hell has multiple story mud huts. Now players can make mud & bamboo buildings into 2 or 3 story wonders with new doors, walls, ceilings etc.

Green Hell is a survival crafting video game which focuses on the challenges of the jungle environments. The game launched in early 2019 & is considered one of the top game of this month, according to Valve.

It is an open world survival simulator set in the Amazonian rainforest.

The game sends you into the jungle with no food or tool, & you are attempting to endure & find a way out. The effects of loneliness wear heavy not just on your body but also on your mind. It depends on you how long you can endure the threats of the unknown forest.

During this adventure, you won’t be receiving any assistance from the outside world. You can just use your bare hands, & you must learn actual endurance techniques to construct houses, craft equipment & weapons to survive & protect yourself. You need to battle both wild life & tropical diseases. Also avoid traps of your mind & fears of the jungle.

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