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Last chance to get Poke balls in Sword & Shield

Hurry up! Poke balls for Pokemon Sword & Shield are available & you have a chance to get it through Mystery Gift but this offer is valid for a limited time:

Get Poke Balls for free until 15 January 2020. Players are able to claim rare Poke Balls using Mystery Gift. The great thing about Poke Balls is that there is normally just one of each in the games, & it is a better chance to add one more to your inventory.

All you need to do is enter 3 codes, each of them will grant you a different trio of Poke balls. Also a code to get 10 Luxury Balls is available too. Unlike earlier codes, this code will work till 30 January. Find all codes & their corresponding gifts below:

Enter “K0UN1NMASC0T” code to get one Fast Ball, one Moon Ball & one Level Ball
Enter “1YAHAYA” to get one Heavy Ball, one Lure Ball & one Beast Ball
Enter “0KUGAFUKA1B0RU” to get one Love Ball, one Dream Ball, & one Friend Ball
Enter “PRESENT” to get 10 Luxury Balls

Unlike ordinary Poke Balls, all of them have distinct features that can make them more effective for catching certain types of Pokemon. Find effects of Poke Balls below:

Beast Ball offers higher success rate when capturing Ultra Beasts but its success rate is lower when you want to capture other kinds of Pokemon.

Dream Ball is good at capturing sleeping Pokemon.

Fast Ball can let you effectively capture Pokemon that escape.

Friend Ball has the characteristics to make the capturing Pokemon more friendly.

Heavy Ball can be used to effectively capture heavy Pokemon.

Level Ball can effectively capture lower level Pokemon.

Love Ball can effectively capture Pokemon that has the opposite gender of your Pokemon.

Lure Ball can effectively capture Pokemon you fish up.

Luxury Ball increases Pokemon’s friendship rapidly.

Moon Ball is effective at capturing Pokemon that evolve by Moon Stone.

If you want to get Poke Balls, then you must get the game copy first & then follow the steps we have provided below to redeem the download codes:

  • Choose Mystery Gift from the game menu
  • Choose Get a Mystery Gift
  • Choose Get Gift via Code / Password
  • Follow instructions that will connect you online
  • Provide the download code when required

Get Gigantamax Meowth for free using Mystery Gift but you need to purchase copy of Sword & Shield in order to get it. This offer is valid till 15 January 2020.

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