Holiday event is out now in Pokemon Go & check out what this event offers:

Annual holiday event has returned in Pokemon Go & this event will be live till 1 January 2020, & players have an opportunity to grab some holiday themed Pokemon, & finish full exclusive field research tasks.

Watch Pokemon Go Christmas holiday event video:

In this holiday event players will be able to catch Ice type Pokemon because they will show up more than other types of Pokemon. Players will have an opportunity to grab Cubchoo for the first time who is a cute polar bear cub from Pokemon Black & White, along with a Shiny version of Snover.

Other types of special Pokemon are also out during the event. Holiday versions of Pikachu, Pichu & Raichu are also available. Players will be able to meet new Gen 5 Pokemon, Cryogonal, & they will be able to hatch Alolan forms of Sandshrew & Vulpix from 7 km eggs.

There is a collection of event exclusive Field Research tasks too. Find more details about the holiday event on the Pokemon Go official website.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Length (Completion Time):

Different players have different pace & if you want to know how much time it will take to complete a game then it all depends on your pace. There is no rule for this, as it all depends on how much you explore the game world, & whether you want to rush & complete the game or you spend more time discovering the beautiful environment.

Pokemon Sword & Shield can be completed in around 30 hours.

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