Luigi’s Mansion 3 will get multiplayer DLCs next year:

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is receiving its paid expansions, with 2 multiplayer DLCs that will increase game content. Purchase multiplayer pack on the eShop for $10. You will receive this pack in 2 parts, for one purchase, which will offer you everything. You cannot purchase them separately.

The 1st pack, due by 30 April 2020, will include 3 new ScreamPark mini games. The first package will contain 3 new floor themes for the ScareScrapper, 6 new themed ghosts, & 3 new costumes, such as a knight get-up, a giant bouffant hair-do, & a mummy wrap. We do not know what the second package will include because there is no official announcement so far but it is due by 31 July 2020.

Those who purchases the expansion now will be able to get immediate access to a new flashlight & you can access it from the in-game laboratory.

Kings Canyon map will return in Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation:

First details of Apex Legends Season 4 will include a new playable hero Forge, new weapon, & new world’s edge map changes will be available in the upcoming season. Kings Canyon map will return in Season 4.

The ranked mode of Apex Legends has been reworked too so that it is divided into 2 separate series. The first series will start with the new season & it will proceed through 23 March 2020. The second series will begin on 24 March 2020 & it will run through the conclusion of Season 4 which will end on 5 May 2020.

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