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Riverbond Review:

An RPG which offers hack & slash from Cococucumber. In this game you can control a team of characters adventuring through hostile lands to find quests & treasure. Riverbond is a fun hack & slash for PS4, PC & Xbox One.

You can control heroes in Riverbond who travel through various fantastic locations.

Riverbond Gameplay:

The objective of this game is to discover & battle the foes that come in your way. Riverbond is not a very difficult game because its developers attempted to capture the spirit of previous games. The battle system does not need professional tactics & does not require you to master complicated combos. In Riverbond the thing which counts include quick action & destruction of the environment.

During fight the warriors use multiple weapons. 

Riverbond uses an arcade hero & it focuses on multiplayer which offers extreme fun with pals. This game provides a local cooperative mode for up to 4 players.

Discover many close & long range weapons located in hidden chests & swap them to equip the weapon that you think is best for beating adversaries & bosses.

Each map contains an objective. Finish this & you are on your way to become a hero.

It is a shoot & slash dungeon crawler game that merges handcrafted adventure with a destructible world. Play alone or with friends with drop in / drop out couch cooperative mode & start a heroic journey to help beat the evil that has befallen the territory.

Choose from a range of skins, including 9 crossover characters from indie games.

Riverbond Specifications:

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
  • Developer: Cococucumber
  • Publisher: Cococucumber
  • Release Date: PC, PS4 & Xbox One: 9 June 2019; Nintendo Switch: 10 December 2019 
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC Windows, PS4, & Xbox One

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