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Thoth Review:

It is an abstract shoot them up game developed by Jeppe Carlsen & published by Double Fine Productions.

Carlen is a solo developer of Thoth & one of his previous project is 140.

Thoth is a difficult twin stick shooter video game which can be played solo or cooperatively with another player. Each level of the game is made with hand that can test combination & riddle solving abilities. The game offers a beautiful combination of art & arcade to make a twin stick shooter for professional players.

This game is a mixture of colors, shapes & patterns, along with a soundtrack.

Thoth Gameplay:

Thoth offers something different because each level in this game is specially crafted that needs riddle solving skills in order to complete it. You will need positioning & timing to complete while you need to make sure you dodge rivals & do not collide with things.

You can make progress through the game by eliminating all foes. Eliminating foes will convert them into ghostly voids that hunt you. Thoth is playable alone or with 2 players in co-op mode; when you play this game cooperatively with a friend, then first player who dies will transform into a ghost void that haunts the second player. The main sequence of stages is split into sets of 4, each of them will let you fight against new rival types & offers new game mechanics. After completing 64 main stages, you will unlock randomly generated stages.

Thoth Specifications:

  • Genre: Action, Indie
  • Developer: Carlsen Games
  • Publisher: Double Fine Presents
  • Release Date (Switch): 9 January 2020
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch & PC Windows

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