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Hardcore Mecha Review:

A 2D platformer action which focuses on improved handling. The campaign mode of Hardcore mecha provides rich gameplay & seamless cutscenes for a deep experience. Hardcore Mecha gives players an option to decide their mecha, enjoy the fast paced hardcore fight of machines with friends in multiplayer mode.

Hardcore Mecha includes 2 game modes: Single player mode lets players complete the story campaign, & multiplayer mode lets players play with friends locally or online.

Hardcore Mecha Gameplay:

Players can have complete control over how to move & shoot. Every player can use awesome styles in battle.

Players can pilot machines & they are able to leave it & they can work on their own too.

Players are able to play Hardcore Mecha against each other on a same screen in local multiplayer mode.

Campaign mode of Hardcore Mecha contains 8 chapters & 18 stages. As the narrative of the game develops, players will face over 50 types of rival machines. Some stages let players leave machine & break into the enemy zone. Players are weak when they eject mecha so they need to be careful.

Multiplayer mode lets players decide their mecha, show their wonderful free style combo moves, play competitive or friendly matches.

Campaign mode of the game provides professional gameplay with seamless cutscenes.

Hardcore Mecha Verdict:

This game is very polished & it has solid gameplay which makes it different from other games of the genre.

I recommend Hardcore Mecha to anyone who is a fan of mecha shoot them up because it provides a stunning 2D artwork with hardcore gameplay.

Players who like such games will love Hardcore Mecha because it plays more like Assault Suits Leynos 2 combined with elements from Metal Warriors, so the game allows players to leave mecha & infiltrate behind enemy line.

Hardcore Mecha Specifications:

  • Genre: Action, Indie
  • Developer: RocketPunch Games
  • Publisher: RocketPunch Games
  • Release Date (PS4): 14 January 2020
  • Platforms: PS4 & PC Windows


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