Knights & Bikes Improvements and Updates - Co-op split-screen and online multiplayer mode is available in the game:

This game features action adventure as well as role playing elements, & it launches on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One & PC.

This game is set on the island, situated near the coast of Cornwall. This site has fallen in financial crisis & the people of this place are fighting to find a place where they can live peacefully. The local economy of this place is completely based on tourism, & recent most valuable historical artifact of this place is a counterfeit, which has cast doubt on every myth & narrative associated with this island. Co-op split-screen and online multiplayer mode is available.

Knights & Bikes Improvements and Updates
Knights & Bikes Improvements and Updates
Image Credit: Double Fine Productions

Knights & Bikes describes the narrative of 2 buddies, who want to reveal the tales connected with the mysterious island. They accidentally release tormented ghosts which begin to possess inhabitants & wildlife. Your objective is to find those ghosts & imprison them once again.

This game is launched on PC & PS4, & it falls into action adventure category with role playing elements that is designed for 2 players co-op. Also you can enjoy playing this game solo. During Knights & Bikes you discover this planet, finish objectives, gather objects & battle adversaries. The combat system used in this game is mostly arcade & it is based more on your reflex that playable hero’s stats. You can use bicycle for travelling or move with your feet.

Knights & Bikes Updates and Improvements
Knights & Bikes Updates and Improvements
Image Credit: Double Fine Productions

The main objective of this game is to protect the evil possessed people. This will provide rewards which you can use to upgrade bikes & improve your abilities. Also you can hire allies, which include humans & animals, controlled by AI.

Knights & Bikes Specifications:

  • Developer: Foam Sword
  • Publisher: Double Fine Productions
  • Platforms: Xbox One, PC Windows, Linux, Mac, PS4 & Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date: Available
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Modes: Single-player & Multiplayer

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