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Heatran has replaced Virizion in Pokemon Go

Legendary Pokemon Heatran has replaced Virizion in Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go has started new year with a bunch of new events, which includes the return of the legendary Pokemon Heatran.

Heatran is available as legendary Pokemon in raids
Heatran is available as legendary Pokemon in raids

Legendary Pokemon, Virizion is no longer available in Battle Raids but he has been replaced by a new legendary Pokemon Heatran. Heatran has made a comeback to the raids & he will be available until 4 February 2020, & you have the opportunity to capture its Shiny form.

Capture Legendary Pokemon, Virizion
Legendary Pokemon, Virizion has left
(Image Credit: Niantic)

Heatran is once again available in 5 star raids. You are able to catch shiny form of Heatran which is available for the first time in Pokemon Go.

In order to capture Heatran, you must make a squad with friends & beat Heatran at a Gym. Heatran is weak against Ground Pokemon including Groudon & Rhyperior, even fighting & Water Pokemon, including Machamp & Kyogre, can beat Heatran.

Pokemon Go’s Hatchathon event is back for another year from 2 – 16 January 2020. During that period, you will get a chance to hatch party hat-wearing versions of certain Pokemon.

A new research breakthrough reward is out in January. Each time you are able to achieve a research breakthrough in this month, you will face a Lapras that knows Ice Shard or Ice Beam.

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