Sea of Thieves Legends of the Sea update is available which includes fresh voyages, cross play options & more:

New update of Sea of Thieves is available now which includes a new playable character who will send you looking for tributes to legendary players. This update will bring back Glided Voyages for a limited time, which allow you to get a lot of gold.

First monthly update of Sea of Thieves is available. You can complete new adventures & this update also allows Xbox One users to use cross play preference option in the Adventure mode. This feature will only allow you to play online with Xbox One players & will block PC users & those who are using mouse & keyboard.

Glided Voyages are included but one of them is available for one player & although these missions can offer handsome prize like before, but there is another opportunity available too. Players are able to take their loot to the Masked Stranger at the Reaper’s Hideout island to increase their gold rewards two times.

Umbra is available in Sea of Thieves who is acting as a non-playable character at the Lagoon of Whispers, dealing out tattoo rewards to pirates who can discover areas where historical events have taken place.

If you want to check out all new cosmetic items that are available in the game as well as tattoos, then visit the official website of this game. You will find even more stuff there.

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