Infliction Review:

It is difficult to add a game to horror genre. Fear is a vital part of a horror game & also you need to make a compelling narrative while terrifying gamers is another hard job that many developers have tried & failed at. Players have to constantly observe their surroundings, & they may sometime hear noises but won’t see anyone.

Infliction is a game which focuses on all of the features I have mentioned above. It is a psychological horror game that allows players to discover the darkness killing the people of the suburban family.

Infliction Review
Infliction Review
(Image Credit: Caustic Reality)

This game is set in a normal house & you need to observe key items & finish basic goals to progress. As you progress through the campaign, you will face more horrors, fight against a spirit to save your neck. Infliction is not just a game of cat & mouse.

Players will be able to interact with the environment. The narrative of this game is sad, terrifying & gripping. Apart from graphics, & narrative, this game has beyond awesome sound design.

Infliction Story:

A once-happy family house is turned into a nightmare. Search the remnants of a broken family. Find clues & piece together the evidence to get rid of the nightmare. In your adventure, a spirit is stalking you. The spirit is driven by rage. It thinks you are responsible for things that has gone wrong. Can you survive long to get rid of the nightmare?

Infliction is an interactive horror game. It is an inspiring take on classic horror. A horrific adventure looks too real. The story is based on domestic tragedy: betrayed trust, deep sorrow, & loss.

Infliction Gameplay:

Infliction is an influencing frightening horror game. This horror game, just like any other horror game live or die on the audio quality. In this adventure, you have to explore the darkest secrets of a cracked house. Try to know what happened to a once-happy family, find & piece together clues & try to correct past mistakes. During your adventure, a malevolent force troubles you & wants brutal retribution. So do not get caught.

Choose your gameplay challenge as standard difficulty can show you the right direction. Playing the game in hard mode can be quite a challenge, as you will be on your own.

Warped reality:

Discover a realistic, interactive family house which gets twisted the deeper you go. You find yourself in a complete nightmare.

Piece it together:

Read letters, diaries, & investigate the tragedies happened to the broken family. Try to know about the events that led you here.

Infliction Specifications:

  • GENRE: Adventure, Indie
  • DEVELOPER: Caustic Reality
  • PUBLISHER: Caustic Reality
  • RELEASE DATE (Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Xbox One): 25 February 2020
  • Platforms: PC Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Xbox One

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