Outbreak: Epidemic review provides information about its story, gameplay & release date, & you can watch its trailers & playthroughs.

We have added everything we know in Outbreak: Epidemic review including its story, gameplay, release date, trailers, playthroughs & more.

Outbreak: Epidemic Review:

Outbreak: Epidemic is a survival horror game very similar to classic Resident Evil titles. It is a full indie game from a single developer & it seems interesting. It looks like classic Resident Evil games. It is a free to play game which means you don’t have to purchase it. Also there are no microtransactions, lootboxes or anything else which can be purchased with real money. It is a difficult game which makes it very exciting but according to some reviewers the developers should have lowered the difficulty level to make it compatible for beginners as well.

Outbreak: Epidemic Story:

A disease spreads & to stop people from becoming victims you & up to 3 of your buddies need to fight through the zombie apocalypse. This game is punishing & unlike modern survival horror games; you need to save your resources & avoid enemy attacks.

Outbreak: Epidemic Gameplay:

This game puts emphasis on managing items in your inventory, & like other survival games, gamers need to beat foes in order to save themselves.

Outbreak: Epidemic is set in a world where 4 gamers play cooperatively. It was first launched in Early Access but more content will be available which contains scenarios, game modes, & more.

Outbreak: Epidemic Gameplay
Outbreak: Epidemic Gameplay
(Image Credit: Dead Drop Studios)

Outbreak: Epidemic offers Story mode, Onslaught mode & Experiment mode scenarios. Decide your playable character wisely & then level up to unlock new buffs for your character.

Outbreak: Epidemic Features:

  • Outbreak: Epidemic lets gamers play together across Windows & Steam
  • A 4 player cooperative mode is available
  • The server of the game has no connection problems
  • Choose from many weapons which include melee & range against the zombies
  • Gamers need to complete story campaign when they choose story mode
  • Beat swarms of enemies with low resources
  • In the story campaign gamers need to explore regions, read logs, discover keys & crack riddles in order to endure
  • This game features multiple difficulty modes
  • Gamers can also play this game alone without the need of internet connection
  • Gamers can use customizable gamepad, mouse & keyboard

I would recommend this game to anyone who loves to play classic horror games like original Resident Evil games. However, the quality of gameplay is a bit lower than AAA because it is entirely developed by a single person.

Outbreak: Epidemic Specifications:

  • GENRE: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access
  • DEVELOPER: Dead Drop Studios LLC
  • PUBLISHER: Dead Drop Studios LLC
  • FRANCHISE: Outbreak
  • RELEASE DATE: Available in Early Access
  • Platforms: PC Windows & Linux

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