Comparison and differences between Torchlight 3 vs Torchlight 2 in story & gameplay:

Torchlight III & Torchlight II are hack & slash role playing game. Both games are focused on action based battle system. Gamers can finish most of the quests in squads of large number of gamers.

Torchlight 3 features all the original Torchlight’s mechanics, such as hack & slash combat system, a beautiful planet, online 4 player co-op mode, & solo mode that is playable offline, & pets that gamers love to have. New features are available in this escapade, including 3 epic acts, new Relic subclasses, completely customizable forts, a daring end game experience, the progression system ‘Contracts’ that allows gamers to get Fame & unlock elite objects, as well as a number of missions & boss fights in randomly generated locations where you can collect loot drops.


Comparison & differences between Torchlight III vs Torchlight II
Comparison & differences between Torchlight III vs Torchlight II

Torchlight 3 & Torchlight 2 are fast paced dungeon crawler that takes players back to the fan-favorite world of Torchlight where you can use hack & slash combat & the planet of the game includes swarms of goblins, zombies, & fiercer monsters. 

Comparison in Torchlight 3 vs Torchlight 2 Story:

The occurrence of Torchlight II took place several centuries ago. Unfortunately, in Torchlight-III, the domain of Novastraia is once again threatened by the Netherim and its followers.

You are required to proceed on adventurous journey to guard the borders along with your several supporters.

Comparison between Torchlight 3 vs Torchlight 2 - Story
Comparison between Torchlight 3 vs Torchlight 2 - Story
(Image Credit: Perfect World Entertainment)

Torchlight 3 is set in a fantasy realm known from earlier entries in the series. Gamers will leave the urbane regions & they enter the border of the land. Here biggest gamers from around the world are available who are attempting to neutralize the danger from the swarms of goblins, zombies, & creatures.

Changes and similarities in Torchlight 3 vs Torchlight 2 Gameplay:

Collect your supporters, discover the wasteland, collect necessary resources, examine the mysterious prisons and brief your comrades.

Construct new fortifications or repair the old ones, renovate your equipment and consult your comrades about the strategy of viable defenses against the formidable adversaries.

Think about protective covering, weaponries and other resources. As you are confronting treacherous adversaries, you must have plenty of offensive-defensive gear.

You, followed by your companions, must demonstrate acts of bravery to win prominence and magnificence. To achieve distinction, you must train your companions to be tougher, improve their talents and provide them with proper equipment. You are now prepared and ready as a coherent team to confront and defeat your dangerous adversaries.

Compare Torchlight 3 vs Torchlight 2 Gameplay
Compare Torchlight 3 vs Torchlight 2 Gameplay
(Image Credit: Perfect World Entertainment)

Gamers can travel through the planet, gather objects, finish missions, improve hero, & beat swarms of foes.

The normal activities of gamers were enriched with massively multiplayer online features. The planet of the game is shared b/w all gamers on the server. A big portion of this planet which includes dungeons & areas where adventures take place are generated randomly & offer new challenges to gamers.

Other than massively multiplayer online features, this game is focused on co-op adventures, in which a team of few gamers are battling with foes controlled by AI. A pet system is available in the game which makes it more exciting, allowing gamers to train their creatures. Torchlight III includes a collection of new & old pets that can help you in fight. These pets assist gamers in battle. They can perform useful action for gamers such as they can visit city & sell objects.

You can select a relic that hold magnificent power that offer gamers a suite of active abilities & passive abilities. You can decide from 1 of 5 of these objects at the start of adventure & can use skill points to unlock or improve their relic’s skills. It is very crucial to have the right relic because it can help you in planning.

You can choose from 4 unique classes as well as 20 class & Relic combinations which makes every combination providing a unique playstyle - & a wide range of decisions of where to spend skill points, you can use class specific mechanics.

Torchlight 3 includes 4 different hero classes & 5 powerful relics that hold unique skills & strengths:

The Dusk Mage is an enchanter who uses light power & dark energy to perform destructible attacks.

The Forged is a strong android who uses a collection of weapons to make heat & perform explosive attacks.

The Railmaster is a locomotive savvy powerhouse who uses a big hammer & armed battle train.

The Sharpshooter is a stronger player who uses can perform ranged attacked & magical trinkets to eliminate rivals from distance.

Torchlight 3 Specifications:

  • Developer: Echtra Games
  • Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
  • Game Mode: Single / Multiplayer
  • Platforms: PC Windows, PS4 & Xbox One
  • Genre: Hack and slash, action role-playing & Free to play

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