Top action games on PlayStation 5 (PS5) Digital Edition, PS5 Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive, PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro), Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia:

Though Google Stadia is a cloud streaming service that allows you to play exciting games without downloading it but there is still a big need to buy a dedicated hardware for playing games. You can play games available on Google Stadia directly using high speed internet connection. Google Stadia has limited games but they are expanding their library & looking forward to add more games. We think that Stadia might consider adding 2 top games that launched in 2020 on other platforms. We have provided details of the games below & hope that Google Stadia might add them to their gaming roster in future.

A good news is that PlayStation 5 launches on 12 November 2020. PlayStation 5 release price is $399 for PlayStation 5 Digital Edition & $499 for PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive.

Action games to launch on Google Stadia

Synaptic Drive:

The game is being played in the universal arena and the player is intended to encounter dangerous antagonists in a mortal conflict.

The objective of the contest is to establish supremacy by either the protagonist or the antagonist party. 

Synaptic Drive Review

The conflict is staged in a graphic location somewhere in the vast universe.

It is an established fact that only the brilliant and smart one will win the contest.

You must counter, reverse and match the attack launched by the adversary.

You must carefully formulate and activate your martial strategies including the use of appropriate options to hit back with accumulated force and defeat your adversary.

Synaptic Drive Story:

Top Action games on PlayStation 5 Digital Edition & Disk Drive
Top Action games on PlayStation 5 Digital Edition & Disk Drive
Synaptic Drive Story
(Image Credit: Thousand Games)

The game is set 100s of years in future. Different heroes have arrived on a world to fight in contests. Some of those like to show their skills, some of them fighting for survival, while remaining are into the competition to earn wealth. All of them want to be on top. You can achieve superhuman reflexes in this game, & these heroes are using mechanical bodies so that they are able to initiate synapsis in the mind.

Synaptic Drive Gameplay:

Different classes of fighters will join this game. They include former soldiers, scientists, androids, to combaters never seen before.

The game uses heated quick paced fights in which you need to use your mind to stay ahead in fight. Reversing a rival’s play style & picking the accessories will take you closer to triumph. The game includes all types of fight arenas. Discovering the objects & choosing the right tactic is required for win.

Synaptic Drive Gameplay
Synaptic Drive Gameplay
(Image Credit: Thousand Games)

Synaptic Drive uses one on one online shooting fights with over the top camera. Use weapons to attack opponents, & with the use of time lag strike you can cut HP with trackers. The space of combat arenas is well suited for fights with more encounters, & if you stop for some time then it can result in your defeat. You need to keep pushing yourself forward & activate synapsis that can help you handle pace.

Enter fight quickly by choosing the body, weapon & the place where you want to fight.

Synaptic Drive Arenas
Synaptic Drive Arenas
(Image Credit: Thousand Games)

When you enter play mode, then select an arena & component to start the fight. You might not know information about weapons when you initiate the fight, so jump straight into & practice. Soon you will learn them through experience.

Arena selections are not only graphical because there are places for covers & blocks can be destroyed.

Synaptic Drive is available on other platforms & we think that it might launch on Google Stadia too.

Synaptic Drive Key Features:

  • Release Date: 28 May, 2020
  • Players: Up to 4 players
  • Genre: Action, Multiplayer
  • Publisher: YUNUO GAMES
  • Developer: Thousand Games
  • Platforms: PC Windows & Nintendo Switch


Ninjala is a funny game. You can adopt the character of present day Ninja to participate in the competition. The story mode of Ninjala focuses on 1 of 8 playable heroes.

Top Action games on PS5 Digital Edition & Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disk Drive
Top Action games on PS5 Digital Edition & Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disk Drive


Play Ninja-Gum and enjoy throwing bubbles at your adversaries.

Competitive Player:

You can play games consisting of eight players and the player acquiring the largest number of points ought to be declared as the winner of the competition.

Cooperative Play:

Very flexible options - Play along with your companions and participate in group tournament.


Ninjala Gameplay:

Ninjala is an online action fighting game which features ninja & gum. You can control a ninja in this game & compete against other contestants in Ninjala tournament.

The game lets you use Ninja-Gum to blow bubbles that can damage enemies once it hit them. Also it is a crafting game that lets you craft weapons, & run across levels.

The look & weapon variety will change based on the type of Ninja-Gum you utilize.

The game incorporates battle Royale type of matches that are designed for up to eight gamers. Those who receive more points over the match course will win. Earn points by beating your enemies, acquire objects, demolish UAVs & there is lot more you can do in this game. Receive more points by beating your enemies with new finishing methods.


Team up with buddies & play 4 on 4 team fight. Cooperate with other players & receive more points than the enemy squad to win.

There is a big collection of outfits & gadgets from new brands. Decide from a big variety of avatar objects. The game gives you an option to stick to 1 brand for a consistent look, or you can try new brands of your choice or mix them to suit your personal style.

Ninjala Key Features:

    • Release date: 27 May, 2020
    • Players: Up to 8 players
    • Genre: Action, & Multiplayer
    • Publisher: GUNGHOONLINE
    • Platform: Nintendo Switch

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