Resident Evil 3 Remake Stuff: Gadgets & accessories such as controller, compatible mouse & keyboard, best monitor, headsets, chair, desk & lights.

We have provided details about all the stuff / accessories that can enhance your gameplay performance, & give you more comfort & fun when playing Resident Evil 3.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Stuff: Accessories

Resident Evil 3 Remake:

Meet the bravest of the Police elite squad chief protagonist Jill Valentine. She has displayed feats of gallantry in the game.

The story is related to the eruption of mysterious epidemic disease caused by a felonious organization called “Umbrella” with intention to eliminate all members of the Police commando squad & commit untold atrocities on the city dwellers.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Stuff: Accessories

It is tragic that people are disappeared in “Racoon City” located in American peninsula. The city is plunged in chaos as the horror is multiplying with the passage of time. The City Police department has launched a comprehensive investigation to find out reason for the outbreak of the deadly virus. During the investigation conducted by protagonist Jill & her colleagues, it transpired that a criminal organization named “Umbrella” was responsible for the incidents. However, the Police bosses were reluctant to accept this story & the report was abruptly disallowed.

Top Controller for Resident Evil 3:

In case you are not happy with Keyboard & mouse use while playing, you can always opt for the CONTROLLER. Your choice of a controller should be long lasting & well-matching with Bluetooth. The controller can be wired or wireless as per your choice.

In case you are interested to purchase a controller for a console & PC, your choice should be Microsoft Xbox 360 or Sony Playstation Dualshock 4. Both gamepads are considered to be of good repute & user friendly with reasonable price tag.

One of the best controller for Resident Evil 3 is SCUF. You can have an improved gameplay experience if you use SCUF controller to play Resident Evil 3 on PS4 or PC.


RE 3 can be difficult at time, so you can change your weapons quickly while combating enemies without losing your movements. The controls by default allow you to change weapons using a D-Pad, which means you need to take your thumb off from analog trigger to switch weapons. So these controls can be remapped to the back paddles on your SCUF controller.

You can choose the type of weapons that go into the slot using in-game inventory, so choose which controls you want to place on the back paddles. Next assignment is to remap those controls to the back paddles.

SCUF Impact Best Layout 

SCUF Infinity Pro Best Layout

SCUF Prestige Best Layout

SCUF Vintage 2 Best Layout


Remapping sprint which can be normally performed by left stick click can be helpful for you because it can overcome exhaustion & strain that can be experienced when you are running away from Nemesis.

SCUF Impact Recommended Layout

SCUF Prestige Best Layout

Later during gameplay when you have multiple weapons so you can set them on these back paddles, so you can easily pull out any weapon you want in the middle of fight.

Please take a notice that only D-Pad Up & D-Pad Down are remappable on SCUF Prestige & SCUF Vintage 2.

SCUF Vintage 2 Best Layout

If you have the right thumbsticks that is according to your play style & hand size will assist you in improvement of aim & will provide more comfort during long walkthroughs.

You can use various types of thumbsticks such as:

Concave Thumbsticks:

It can offer for further control during movement.

Domed Thumbsticks:

It provides better precision.

Short Thumbsticks:

Use it for faster movement speed.

Tall Thumbsticks:

It can provide more angle to play with & further accurate aiming.

For RE 2 we think that using a short concave thumbstick on the left can help you in quickly switching directions while avoiding rivals & to quickly aim, & use a Short Doomed Thumbstick on the right for better aiming at enemies.

Trigger Stops:

SCUF Trigger Stops

Use trigger stops for reducing the time required to aim & shoot. Just flip them on, because you need to quickly shoot hordes of enemies.



Avoid slipping when you are in the middle of combats, using better grip, which is a textured non-slip surface available on each controller. If you are planning for long gameplay sessions, then this grip can provide a non-slippery gaming experience.


Use vibration / rumbles that cause even more sensation when zombies are approaching you. You will feel high vibrations if a zombie grabs you so if you want to get scared then use vibration. Well if you are a coward, then you can go without activating vibration.

Durable Gaming Keyboard:

Besides a good quality monitor, it is also recommended that one should have an excellent keyboard with control pads & shortcut features for added easiness of operation.

Another feature which a quality keyboard should have is the light emitting keys to facilitate visibility in darkness.

Steel Series Apex Pro Gaming Keyboard:

Steel Series Apex Pro Gaming Keyboard
Steel Series Apex Pro Gaming Keyboard
(Image Credit: SteelSeries)

The Apex Pro is one of the best gaming keyboards available. It offers adjustment of keys to meet your desired sensitivity level, whether you are using this keyboard for gaming, office work or for any other purpose.
  • The response time of Apex Pro is 8 times quicker
  • It provides 5 times quicker actuation
  • This keyboard is 2 times more durable

It comes with an OLED small screen that shows helpful info for adjusting keyboard setting, switching profiles, & watching updates.

Gaming Mouse:

The professional players always use a good quality mouse while competing with other players. However, a good mouse is one having multi features including faster polling level & added programmable switches.

Similarly, a rubber bottomed plane mouse pad with large surface area is always preferred by professional players.

1. Razer Deathadder Elite Mouse:

Razer Deathadder Elite Mouse
Razer Deathadder Elite Mouse
(Image Credit: Razer)

This mouse is beautifully shaped and most convenient for all sizes of hand grips and firm holds.

It is a wonderful mouse in the sense that it gives you ease of use with performance satisfaction.

Gaming Chairs:

The habitual gamers are obliged to sit for considerably very long times on their chairs which sometimes causes aches in their backs, legs, necks, shoulders or hands. The reason is prolong stretching of their respective muscles.

A comfortable gaming chair can minimize not only your current discomfort but avoid future health issues as well if the gaming chair is properly designed according to the science of ergonomics.

Gaming Chairs
Gaming Chairs
(Image Credit: Sandberg)

A list of such gaming chairs is given below that can provide comfort & can let you play prolong walkthrough of Resident Evil 3 without affecting your health. You can also use more gaming chairs but we recommend using them. These chairs are designed according to the technology of ergonomics.

List of Best Gaming Chairs available in the market:

1. Secretlab Titan 2020 Series:

Secretlab Titan 2020 Series
Secretlab Titan 2020 Series
(Image Credit: Secretlab)

Secretlab is a brand name of the company designing the Titan 2020 Series gaming chairs. It has manufactured comfortable gaming chairs which might attract you as the chairs have been manufactured according to the technological breakthrough of ergonomics in which the requirements of physical comfort & ease has been given prime consideration.

2. GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chair:

GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chair
GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chair
(Image Credit: GTRACING)

It is another company which is designing & manufacturing gaming chairs which are comparatively cheaper without compromising the quality & comfort.

3. OFM Essentials Racing Chair ESS-3085:

OFM Essentials Racing Chair ESS-3085
OFM Essentials Racing Chair ESS-3085
(Image Credit: OFM)

You can consider this brand which is considered the best amongst the ultra-cheap gaming chairs. It is like a regular office chair but is vested with all comforts needed by the gamers.

Gaming Desk:

We are trying our best to help you find the quality gaming desk for completing your gaming requirements.

1. Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk:

Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk
Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk
(Image Credit: Mr IRONSTONE)

Market has variety of gaming desks, but we are looking to provide more comfort with ergonomic designing, that takes little space of your room, made up of strong structure, & cost effective. Magically all of the qualities are available in "Mr IRONSTONE Gaming-Desk".

Gaming Monitor:

Regarding choice of monitors, the professional player will always recommend bigger screens with HD functions, & VGA & HDMI compatibility features for attaching with other such devices.

Always wear gaming glasses to protect your eyes while playing.

1. ASUS TUF 24.5 Monitor:

A complete HD monitor that can offer a screen resolution of 1920 x1080 with a frame rate of 280 Hz. This monitor is made for pro gamers & it can provide deep gameplay experience.

ASUS TUF 24.5 Monitor
ASUS TUF 24.5 Monitor
(Image Credit: ASUS)

It can offer a 1 ms response time which can offer sharp graphics with higher frame rates.

Best Headsets:

Professional players always use good quality headsets because of excellent sound quality, noise control system and comfort in use. However, these qualities must match the price tag.

1. Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless:

Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless
Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless
(Image Credit: Steelseries)

Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless is our choice because it can provide Hi Res Certified audio, wireless connectivity that can work up to 40 feet with high quality transmission.


(Image Credit: LucidSound)

LUCIDSOUND LS35X is another great option that can connect to Xbox One using a wireless connection. This headset has a stylish design that feels comfortable. It can offer great audio reproduction.

3. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero:

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero
Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero
(Image Credit: Turtle Beach)

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero is the third best choice if you are looking for quality headset that provides amazing customization. The sound quality is just incredible & it can offer long lasting battery time.

Best LED Strip Lights:

LED technology has changed the world being energy efficient. It gives bright light with less energy consumption. Available in several beautiful designs, the LED lights have revolutionized the decoration aspects of offices and homes. Moreover, the LED technology has become much cheaper.

1. KontrolFreek's Gaming Lights:

KontrolFreek's Gaming Lights
KontrolFreek's Gaming Lights
(Image Credit: KontrolFreek)

KontrolFreek's Gaming Lights can light up your game which is best for TikTok, connected via USB cable to provide LED strip lights that can offer a deep & customizable lighting to have a great gaming experience & enhance your picture quality. Have a customized look with many choices for colors, effects, speeds, & brightness.

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