Windbound Review, Story, Gameplay, & More:

An endurance game set on an undiscovered isle. Your main objective is to endure on this bizarre isle but it isn’t a tree-punching simulation. You will carry out exploration too to collect value items. You can use your raft for fast travelling. The game uses art style more like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The game focuses on survival but you need to explore the hidden isles that are forbidden. Every isle has its own animals, landscapes & dares that you will encounter. Also it is possible to craft weapons for beating enemies.

The game uses platforming, solving surrounding riddles, lock-on battle, & a hang glider can be used for soaring. Everything looks fantastic.

Windbound review focuses on building glider & rafts, crafting weapons & discovering the prohibited isles.

Windbound Story:

It is the story of Kara, a brave soldier whose ship was trapped in ferocious storm. He was flung out of the boat and was lucky enough to survive the stormy waters.  Ultimately he was thrown at the beaches of the unknown prohibited Islets which apparently seemed to be a secretive heaven on earth.

Windbound Story
Windbound Story
(Image Credit: Deep Silver)

Windbound Gameplay:

Imagine you are playing the role of Kara. Explore the landscape, familiarize yourself with the environment, observe the dangerous waters and think about finding mean of survival.

You have lost your boat in the stormy sea. With nothing to eat, no implements to hunt for food or construct a shelter, you are now at the mercy of nature. Your survival depends on your strong will and determination.

Gather your wits, prioritize your strategy, design tools and armaments to hunt and protect yourself from dangerous beasts.

Windbound Gameplay
Windbound Gameplay
(Image Credit: Deep Silver)

Explore the entire area; look for the abandoned and dispersed remnants of the past civilization. Try to untangle the causes leading to such destruction

Think of going home. You cannot live in such situation for long. Gather tools to make a boat strong enough to endure the tempestuous gusts, atrocious high tides and ferocious sea.

It is an adventurous game where you are obliged to search for food, walk around the island for prey, suitable shelter and display ability to live on the island.

Embark on a personal journey to find out the history of the prohibited isles and its hidden mysteries. Discover that every Island has its own animals, birds, scenic charms and peculiar challenges to encounter.

You must have expertise to prepare hunting tools and repair the yacht to undertake hazardous journey if necessary.

Windbound Key Features:

  • Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
  • Developer: 5 Lives Studios
  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Release Date: 28 August, 2020
  • Platforms: PC Windows, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch

Windbound Reveal Trailer:

Watch Windbound reveal trailer.

Windbound Reveal Trailer

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