Ever Forward Improvements, New Features, Updates and News:

Ever Forward review explains how player can solve puzzles to help a girl recover her lost memory. Game mechanics are described in gameplay. Every Forward story connects you to game settings & protagonist.

Ever Forward Review

Ever Forward Story:

‘Ever Forward’ is a puzzle-adventure game about a young girl aged 12 years. Unfortunately, she is mentally locked in abnormal condition where she cannot differentiate between realism and dreams. Her name is Maya who is alone and desperately trying to unravel her remembrances and challenge her uncertainties to disentangle the hidden mysteries of the world. The player has to guide her to find her way.

Ever Forward Improvements, New Features and Updates
Ever Forward Improvements, New Features and Updates
(Image Credit: Pathea Games)

Ever Forward Gameplay:

Maya needs help to challenge her despondency on her expedition of discovery.

Players are required to use their skills of reflection and brainpower to unravel numerous puzzles and reconstruct the mystery of Maya's past revealing the gloomy secrets she has suppressed.


It is primarily a puzzle game. The developers of the game have invested their energies and mental shrewdness to design these puzzles. The player will feel inspired and motivated to move forward by solving every puzzle. Keep in mind that some puzzles have various methods of being accomplished to fit different kinds of intellectuals and commonsense procedures.

Ever Forward Gameplay
Ever Forward Gameplay
(Image Credit: Pathea Games)


The game is about puzzle-adventure. Players must gather pieces of recollections in the world to reveal new areas and new puzzles.


The mechanics of the game consists of walking, and barricade crossing to the powers of intuition. Furthermore, the player must utilize various tactics including surreptitiousness and techniques to solve every puzzle.

In this game the player is required to impersonate the young girl Maya, aged 12 years who is lost on the brink of hallucinations and realism. As the secrets of her subconscious are revealed, the players will unravel her memoirs one by one and gradually confront her worries and torments. After solving the puzzles and exploring awe-inspiring atmospheres, they will gradually unearth the secrets suppressed in Maya’s mind.

Ever Forward Review:

It is a game depicting Maya’s adventure to find her personality and motives. The player will explore unique environment.

The mechanics of the game consists of walking, and barrier jumping to the mental powers of intuition. Furthermore, the player will be able to utilize a number of strategies including surreptitiousness and skills to resolve puzzles.

Ever Forward Review
Ever Forward Review
(Image Credit: Pathea Games)

This world between fiction and reality will open up as players collect memory fragments, unearth new puzzles, and shed light on the dark secrets hidden within Maya’s consciousness.

Ever Forward is depicting a unique story of a girl who cannot differentiate between fiction and reality. Her problems will be solved when the player challenge various puzzles one by one unless the mystery is resolved to the entire satisfaction of Maya.

Ever Forward Key Features:

  • GENRE: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Strategy
  • DEVELOPER: Pathea Games
  • PUBLISHER: Pathea Games
  • FRANCHISE: Pathea Games
  • PLATFORMS: PS4, Xbox One, PC Windows & Nintendo Switch

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