Ooblets Review, Gameplay, Story, Features & More:

Everything I know about Ooblets is added in this review including gameplay, mechanics, story, release date, & more.

Ooblets Review

Ooblets Review:

‘Ooblets’ is an interesting game depicting the rural village life in which adorable creatures are involved in farming & dancing.

It is a fascinating farming game offering a lot of unique elements. It consists of upbringing creatures & their utilization for turn-based conflicts.

Ooblets Review
Ooblets Review
(Image Credit: Glumberland)

‘Ooblets’ is RPG set to be launched on ‘PC’ & ‘XBOX ONE’ platforms. The game has incorporated agricultural-mechanics which is imitated from ‘Stardew Valley’, the combat system is taken from the ‘Pokemon series’, along with a few innovative concepts. The game is developed & produced by ‘Glumberland studio’.

Ooblets Gameplay:

It is based on conventional adventure model – depicting an agricultural farm which is located next to a rural village. We must grow plants to sell in the market, get money & improve our business & life style. However, we must also cultivate seeds from which the ‘Ooblets’ will be produced.  With the assistance of ‘Ooblets’ we can fight against other trainers, resultantly the winner takes the seeds of the conquered.

The conflict mechanism is fairly extensive. During conflict situations, we utilize squads of creatures ensuring various kinds of specialties - The precise collection of ‘Ooblets’ is necessary - we must ensure that they combine forces at the combat zone.

Ooblets Gameplay
Ooblets Gameplay
(Image Credit: Glumberland)

During initial farming, we are committed to perform tasks on our own. However, with the passage of time our income from the farm produce will increase, enabling us to purchase farm machinery to speed up the farming process & further promote our business. It is in this context that the player can then start developing multifarious arrangements of machines to take over the control of all tasks including irrigation & harvesting systems without our assistance.

We pay visits to town hall to interact with the local dwellers. We use options to beautify & renovate our homes & open business shops.

‘Ooblets’ is related to farming, village life, & creatures. Organize your agricultural farm, produce & train your ‘ooblets’, explore peculiar environments, & enjoy dance parties.

Ooblets Features
Ooblets Features
(Image Credit: Glumberland)

Ooblets Features:

  • Live your life in a small farm which you must nurture, expand, & customize.
  • Pay attention to your character's apparel, hair style, & general look.
  • Explore various environments with its unique plants & ‘Ooblets’.
  • Cultivate more seeds to produce ‘Ooblets’ & increase your friends.
  • Attend ‘Ooblet’s Club matching your personality.
  • Improve your farming; earn more money to develop your business.
  • Renovate your house with new furniture & other essentials.

Ooblets Key Features:

  • Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation
  • Developer: Glumberland
  • Publisher: Glumberland
  • Release Date: TBD
  • Platforms: Xbox One & PC Windows


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