Make puzzle and strategy games using RPG Maker MZ:

‘RPG Maker’ is a powerful, easy, convenient and efficient tool for creating games. Even if you are not conversant with programing, the RPG Maker can convert your dreams of making games into reality. It just requires the blend of your fancy and commitment and the programming-software. Visualize your buddies playing as the protagonists you generated, crisscrossing chambers you designed, and trying to fight against the malevolent strategies of villains you devised.

Demonstrate the massive power of ‘RPG Maker’ to construct your own ‘RPG’ game.

There are enough tutorials available on the internet to help you get started. In this article we have covered features of RPG Maker MZ & how it can help you in making video games at home.

Make puzzle & turn based strategy games
Make puzzle & turn based strategy games with RPG Maker MZ
Image Credit: Degica

Imagine and Produce:

‘Degica’ has released the latest version to the ‘Maker’ series – a groundbreaking new system for ‘Visual Novel Creation’ with objective to encourage gamers, artists and authors to reveal their stories. Credit for creating this tool goes to ‘AndrĂ© Radomski’.

‘RPG Maker’ gets full credit and recognition for enabling people to create their own game. In this regard the most sophisticated version, ‘RPG Maker MZ’ will be presented to assist you in making your own game.

The current creation will be the best of all as new features have been added, besides improvements in older ones.

RPG Maker Map Editor:

With ‘RPG Maker's map editor’, you can easily design maps showing cities and dungeons for your players to conduct exploration.

RPG Maker Map Editor
RPG Maker Map Editor
Image Credit: Degica

The fresh features and improvements will soon be available.

Character Creation:

Make hairs, eyes etc using RPG Maker MZ
Make hairs, eyes, accessories etc using RPG Maker MZ
Image Credit: Degica

With ‘Character Generator’ you will be able to create your own characters – hair style, eyes, garments, accessories etc. and use your choice color system to satisfy your taste. Stay tuned: more will be revealed about the ‘Character Generator’ and other wonderful assets in coming days.


The data-base contains all info regarding your characters, their special expertise, gear, their opponents and much more.

New Combat Method Added:

With ‘RPG Maker MZ’, the novel addition is the ‘Time Progress Battle System’ which is likely to unlock your game from old-fashioned turn based gameplay, permitting every character to act independently at their own speed in compliance with their stats and situations.


This system involves all the ‘NPCs’, and others with which your character could interact in the game. Create a system of multifarious series of events without bothering about the programming knowledge.

Pertinent to mention that ‘RPG Maker MZ’ has many new features which are to be revealed soon.

Animation Functions:

The introduction of ‘RPG Maker MZ’ has completely refurbished the animation system. With the incorporation of new features, you can design splendid 2D and 3D animations.

Create Characters in RPG Maker MZ
Create Characters in RPG Maker MZ
Image Credit: Degica


The ‘Plug-ins’ system can alter anything in your ‘RPG Maker’ game. Learn coding to create levels & other features of your game yourself, otherwise take from others to augment your game. The addition of available plug-in is very easy.


Desirous of making your own game?

‘RPG Maker MZ’ enables you with easy tools to design your own game.

The encouraging part is that no programming know-how is needed. Most people wish to make games but the programming language is a hurdle in their path. The ‘RPG Maker’ series answer your question and fulfill your wish of creating your own game. Reiterated again and again -- No knowledge of programming language is required.

How to build games easily using RPG Maker MZ
How to build games easily using RPG Maker MZ
Image Credit: Degica

Creating Your Game with Ease:

‘RPG Maker’ is a tool that is intended to create games as all the basic operations have already been programmed. The ‘RPG Maker MZ’ provides numerous resources comprising -- visual art and music required to make games. Now you are required to focus on your ideas. In case other tools are needed, ‘RPG Maker MZ’ have reservoir of added downloadable materials.

After utilizing all these assets and mixing your ideas, you can display your imaginative originality and creative potentials in the gaming world.

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