PlayStation 5 allows players to instantly play from Home to specific game activities without loading game:

The new system called Activities in PS5 allows you to play quests or levels instantly from home menus without the need of loading game.

Activities will let you jump straight into any game modes, for example: You can start a race in Dirt 5 by skipping the game menus.

PS5 Activities lets you play mission instantly
PS5 Activities lets you play mission instantly without loading game
(Image Credit: Sony)

This way it will be very simple & quick to boot games, & there is no need to load game & see what’s up. Multiplayer game servers will offer PS5 with the set of connecting activities in real time. The single player mode of the game will offer details about quests you can complete & the rewards you get for finishing them. All of the decisions can be seen in the user interface. So this is a great feature that allows you to launch whatever you want to.

PS5 is equipped with a custom SSD which has the capability of transferring 5 GB/s. Next-gen PlayStation can save, transfer & boot games at a faster speed than PS4. “Activities” shows how custom SSD can highly enhance the performance. This feature is for those who can’t wait & want to enter mission instantly after powering PS5.

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