Feel physical pain & sense of touch in virtual reality (VR) games:

A new equipment is available that lets gamers feel the real sensation of touch within VR. The skin machine features a soft, sheet of electronics that attaches to the human body. It allows you to pressurize your skin, produce vibration & motion to simulate the real sense of touch & pain.

Feel objects
Feel objects
Image Credit: Avatar VR

This will help video gamers & those using prosthetics. The sense of touch can be achieved using multiple sensations, encompassing pressure, pain & temperature. It is very difficult to achieve the real feeling of touch into virtual & augmented reality, & scientists have overcome this obstacle.

ARAIG Gaming Impact Vest
Image Credit: ARAIG

This new technology can have many advantages such as it can reproduce the shape of an item held in a prosthetic hand. You can feel the real sensation of hits while playing combat games.

Not many people are using virtual reality & experts think with the invention of new devices, this technology could evolve. We think that in future many people would be using VR, thanks to skin machine for feeling the sense of touch & physical pain when someone strikes you, & due to a lot of other VR tech developments, one-day VR technology would make a big business in video game market.

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