Comparison of Temtem video game release date for Nintendo Switch, & next-gen consoles: PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X:

During Sony State of Play livestream, it was revealed that Pokemon-like "Temtem" has a release date of 2021 for PS5. But the launch of Temtem on Xbox Series X & portable console is also confirmed. Temtem is created by Crema & published by Humble Games, & it is a massively multiplayer online game. The game focuses on voyagers who are discovering an archipelago of floating isles where strange monsters live.

Temtem gameplay is very similar to Pokemon, because just like Pokemon, you can gather creatures, train them & use them in fight against other creatures. Temtem is already released on PC in early access, & the game is making its way to PS5, Xbox Series X & Nintendo Switch in 2021.

Comparison of Temtem release date for PS5 vs Xbox Series X
Comparison of Temtem release date for PS5 vs Xbox Series X
Image Credit: Humble Games

Temtem first appeared on Kickstarter for a crowd funding campaign, & it finally received a publisher Humble Games & make its way to PC as early access game. Temtem has a strong community & people like this game because it’s a bit different from Pokemon so Pokemon lovers like Temtem too.

After its launch on PC, the massively multiplayer online game offers more creatures & more areas that players can discover. The game is evolving in almost every aspect. In future we might see new fan-favorite features including cross-play or cross-save for multi platforms. However, one thing is confirmed that developers are focusing to add more gameplay related features & possibilities that only next-gen device offers, for example haptic feedback.

Temtem has an official launch date of 2021. If you can't wait then you can purchase this game in early access on PC.

Temtem releases on PS5 in early access on 8 December 2020.


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