Comparison of Just Dance 2021 vs Just Dance 2020 – Every improvement of Just Dance 2021 in terms of new tracks, modes etc:

Just Dance 2021 is a dancing & rhythm game created by Ubisoft. Just Dance 2020 launches on 12 November 2020 on Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, & Google Stadia.

The game allows you to control a dancer & you need to mimic the dancer’s choreography to match a track using either motion controllers or mobile app.

Just Dance 2021 features 40 fresh songs. Start dancing so that your friends & family can have fun too. Have a cooperative play with mates so that you can enjoy the game even more. You can make your own playlists so you can have fun with dancing. Have fun with 8 new children friendly tracks & choreographies so that the whole family can enjoy. Using mobile app, you can track moves using the Dance Controller app & there is no need of extra accessories. Up to 6 gamers can have fun together.

Comparison of Just Dance 2021 vs Just Dance 2020
Comparison of Just Dance 2021 vs Just Dance 2020
Image Credit: Ubisoft

Just Dance is the world’s best music video game series that comes with fresh tracks, modes, & a better dance experience on the world dance floor.

More than 40 fresh tracks & universes are available in Just Dance 2020. The game includes a lot of excitement for everybody with its diverse list of musical tracks that from kids to parents, everyone can have fun with.


Comparison of Just Dance 2021 vs Just Dance 2020 - Improvements in Features:

Just Dance 2021 is available with lots of content that can put a smile on your family & friends’ face.

Make a squad with buddies for extra excitement in the co-op mode. Kids Mode is available which allows small children to enjoy the game with parents. It has its own excitement focused on the needs of the children.

Have fun with the fresh Quick play mode where you can rule the dance floor if you know how to dance with random playlist. Surely it can add an extra layer of challenge.

Some amazing stuff is going all the time in Just Dance 2021. Have a look at all the events taking place in the World Dance Floor that you enjoy online or with a community of the dancers throughout the year.

Enjoy the party game even more with Just Dance Unlimited. Extra tracks & content is available throughout the year to have fun with 2021 players’ experience.

No extra accessories are needed to have more fun. You only need your mobile with app of the game.

Using your mobile can help you in navigating Just Dance 2021, its songs & you can score your moves – no need of camera, Kinect or PS Move controllers are needed. Up to 6 players can have fun together using the mobile app.

It is not simple to start your dancing career using the fresh quick play mode. Dancers who just want to start dancing quickly, can use the quick play mode to dance on random playlist ready from the Start menu.

You can dance with fellow dancers from around the globe during tournaments. The game lets you enjoy with gamers of a similar level as you for more excitement in a fair dance fight.

Play Dance Floor 2021 together with friends & share your experience with the world. It is the right time to dance with Just Dance 2021.  

There is a greater opportunity for you in Just Dance 2021 which allows you to dance with 40 new tracks.

Differences in Just Dance 2021 vs Just Dance 2020
Differences in Just Dance 2021 vs Just Dance 2020 - Improvements
Image Credit: Ubisoft

The songs include chart topping hit tracks, best classic tracks for family, viral songs of the internet or new songs from ambitious musicians you have never heard before: everybody is satisfied with Just Dance 2021.

You can exercise while dancing with Just Dance 2021. It is a wise idea to start dancing with the Sweat Mode & burn calories & spend quality time dancing on the floor.

Just Dance 2021 allows you to monitor & improve your performance. Create high score in the game & compare it with your buddies.

Gather amazing stickers during gameplay using the sticker album.


Comparison of Just Dance 2021 vs Just Dance 2020 – New Features:

Just Dance 2021 offers 40 of the best, most trending tracks of 2020, such as Dance Monkey from Tones And I, along with songs from Billie Eilish, Lizzo etc. The game allows you to quick start dancing using a fresh quick play mode that features dancing over a randomly generated playlist of songs.

You might be thinking that how is it possible to play the newer version of Just Dance 2021 on Stadia, which only provides controller & keyboard / mouse controls. However, instead of using a classic controller which is equipped with motion controller, you along with 5 other users can use the smartphone app on Android & iOS to send your motions to online servers.

Differences in Just Dance 2021 vs Just Dance 2020

Differences in Just Dance 2021 vs Just Dance 2020
Image Credit: Ubisoft

Just Dance 2021 will let you play familiar modes such as co-operative, calorie tracking sweat mode, & Kids mode. Buying Just Dance 2021 will let you enjoy 550 plus tracks such as fresh & exclusive tracks that are increasing throughout the year.

An improved World Dance Floor offers gamers the freedom to challenge other gamers to dance fights.

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