Elo Hell Review / Information:

Elo Hell is about becoming a pro gamer in a game which demands focus & time. It is a turn based strategy video game. This game will let you play with Chance Betzinger, who is a high school student. He will find his ability as a pro gamer. The new game that he plays is Echo Star. Also he will enjoy adventures, make hard decisions, & will spend his time with friends. There will be new mini games for you to play.

Do you want to be the best gamer in the world & want to go pro? If your answer is Yes, then you are at the right place because Elo Hell allows you to control a teenager who dreams of becoming pro in a game that he plays regularly called Echo Star. He will sacrifice everything he has for game including his studies & will try to be the best in game by making a squad & battling various enemies.

Elo Hell Review
Elo Hell Review
Image Credit: Exato Game Studios

You will control a single troop & involve in short fights in Echo Star. This game will also offer a story experience which will let you meet with buddies & complete your daily activities but your aim is to focus on the world of this game & it’s challenging ideas. The game looks easy but you must be prepared for a longer experience because it will need concentration from start to end.

Elo Hell is based on decisions, & it is an episodic game about a boy who is trying to go pro in a game.

Elo Hello Key Features:

  • PLATFORM: PC Windows
  • GENRE: Action, Adventure, Indie, Strategy
  • DEVELOPER: Exato Game Studios
  • PUBLISHER: Exato Game Studios
  • RELEASE DATE: 30 Jul, 2019

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