Comparison & differences between NHL 21 vs NHL 20 in gameplay, customization, career mode, & more:

NHL franchise has seen some improvements from last year to this year. The best improvement can be seen in character customization in the form of customizing athlete’s skating & shot styles. The shot styles let you choose from a collection of presets for wristers & slapshots, but the skating style of the game is more robust. There are a number of sliders available for tweaking stuff for example choosing the wideness of your gait or enhancement in pumping your arms, that can help you receive better variations. However, there is a problem with this attribute because you need to adjust a disturbing slider choice of “spine angle”. Other than customization, one of the most important differences can be seen in the ranking system, which is connected to seasons of play. The divisions in the game seem to work like a classic ranked game & could help in improving online matchups.

Comparison and differences in NHL 21 vs NHL 20
Comparison and differences in NHL 21 vs NHL 20
Image Credit: Electronic Arts

The perks that your custom athletes can use is improved with good ideas. Gameplay wise you can enjoy shooting, passing, hitting, deking, & it has been fun since the beginning. No noticeable difference is seen in those features. The skill stick is a nice feature, & fine tuning can further develop it.


Improvements in NHL 21 Be A Pro Career Mode vs NHL 20 Career Mode:

Electronic Arts has overhauled NHL 21 Be A Pro Career mode. You can experience a fully revamped UI. There is improvement in the hub which show more info. on the screen at a time. Everything is right in front of you & there are sub menus which lead to game schedule, skill tree, important news, information about salary etc.

A fresh conversation system in Be A Pro is pleasant as compared to previous game. Text conversations can happen with coaches, management & squad mates to talk about player’s future, & a number of dialogue choices are present to decide from that can change the character’s career.

Improvements in NHL 21 Be A Pro Career Mode vs NHL 20
Improvements in NHL 21 Be A Pro Career Mode vs NHL 20 Career Mode
Image Credit: Electronic Arts

A new menu option is available for Salary Perks. By advancing through the game career, you can earn more, & how can spend your hard earned wealth. You can certainly hire a lawyer, a doctor, a stylist or a stockbroker. The money can be spent in mutual funds, clothing, fragrance companies or apps. You can also purchase vehicles & homes. Such stuff can improve your character’s features. If you hire a lawyer, then you get an increase of +2 in aggressiveness & -1 in shot blocking.

A fresh conversation system is available in NHL 21 with tons of conversations & numerous decisions that can have an influence on the relationships of squad mates, coaches & media.

Fresh seasons stories will challenge athletes differently based on the trajectory they choose.


NHL 21 will not launch on next-gen consoles:

NHL 21 is the only EA Sports game that does not include a next-gen edition. EA helped the developers to focus only on this year’s gameplay features & not to worry about the rest.

However, you can still play NHL 21 on next-gen hardware due to backward compatibility.


Game Mode: World of Chel:

A very unique game mode in the series is The World of Chel that lets gamers build up their created athletes.

Train the athletes you have created to help them do great. There are many different ways to play this game such as small team games like 3 vs 3 which assist in separate gameplay from the rest of the modes.

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