Comparison & contrast of Call of the Sea vs Sea of Thieves:

Call of the Sea is playable from first person perspective & the game is set in 1930s. It is about the narrative of Norah, a lady on the expedition to find her missing husband. The island of this game is lush, & it has secrets to be discovered. Call of the Sea is an otherworldly story of mystery, expedition & exploration.

You will control a woman named Norah in Call of the Sea, who is a hard lady.

The world of Call of the Sea is beautiful while the game features the narrative of the lady finding her lost husband & she must crack puzzles. There are no weapons & the narrative is filled with escapades.

Call of the Sea is the first game from Out of the Blue.

4K: 4K Ultra HD is not supported by Xbox One & Xbox One S devices.

HDR: Only supported video games & TVs support HDR functionality.

Call of the Sea is a narrative driven escapade full of emotion, suspense & surprises.

Discover clues left by an earlier expedition, collect every evidence, & crack puzzles that needs a beautiful mind.

In Sea of Thieves you discover a big open world of perfect isles, ships that have been sunken, & strange relics. Find missing bounty, face skeleton captains that have been cursed & save valuable Trading Company Cargo. In this game you can do hunting & fishing or you can complete a number of elective objectives.

There are 11 stories in 2 epic narratives, & 30 hours of the pirate fantasy.

Ocean adventure is full of dangers. You must face enemy Ships, & defeat them when you are sailing in the ocean. When you are travelling by foot on land, you must raid Skeleton Forts that have been guarded well to loot their treasure.

Comparison and contrast of Call of the Sea vs Sea of Thieves
Comparison and contrast of Call of the Sea vs Sea of Thieves
Image Credit: Out of the Blue Games | Xbox Game Studios

Contrast of Call of the Sea vs Sea of Thieves:

Unlike Call of the Sea, you can customize your character in Sea of Thieves while creating a new hero. Collect riches & Doubloons or finish Commendations for more dresses. Select weaponries, hairstyles, tattoos & curses that can give you a unique personality. Also there is an option to customize your ship. These options are not available in Call of the Sea because you can’t customize Norah when you start playing the game.

There are no battles in Call of the Sea as full game is centered on solving puzzles & progressing through the story. Also you can’t collect loot or bounties like Sea of Thieves. Both games have beaches & lush eye catching forests. Also Call of the Sea does not include building reputation like Sea of Thieves. You can’t upgrade your player in Call of the Sea.

There are no side missions in Call of the Sea & you don’t talk to other characters as you are the lone survivor trying to find your lost husband. But in Sea of the Thieves you can talk to characters, & get new missions from others. The main objective of Call of the Sea is to finish the game & there is only one mission of finding your missing husband. In Sea of Thieves, your objective is to unfold the story, & you have a number of main story quests.

Call of the Sea does not feature multiplayer unlike Sea of the Thieves, which has a multiplayer mode.


Similarities of Call of the Sea vs Sea of Thieves:

Both Call of the Sea & Sea of Thieves are playable from first person perspective. Both games include solving puzzles. Call of the Sea is an eye grabbing game with beautiful environment including beaches & forests, & the game looks similar to Sea of Thieves in coloring. You need to reveal a strange & otherworldly mystery.

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