Comparison and differences of Outriders vs Destiny in skills, weapons, gameplay, settings etc:

Outriders is a new game from publisher Square Enix & developer People Can Fly. The game is set in a dark setting “sci-fi world”, on a fresh planet, named as Enoch. This game seems very similar to Destiny, which is Bungie’s sci-fi role playing shooter game. Character design of Outriders is like Destiny. The skills & weapons of Outriders seems like Destiny as well. Even there are many similarities but Outriders has not taken everything because it’s story is different from Destiny, & the world Tier system of the game has a lot of diversity in challenges. Outriders’ gameplay is quite unique too. Outriders seems to be similar to The Division 2 in some gameplay mechanics but the former is set in space. Characters in Outriders can slide in & out of cover as they fight against opponents very similar to The Division 2.

Outriders takes inspiration from Destiny in stuff that gamers like, & the game offers unique gameplay which is changed from Destiny.

Comparison of Outriders vs Destiny
Comparison of Outriders vs Destiny
Image Credit: People Can Fly | Bungie

Similar features of Outriders & Destiny include post-apocalyptic sci-fi world. You have a team of 3 members that must complete missions together in both Outriders & Destiny. In Destiny we have 3 class types of legends. Outriders includes a 4th class too. Despite similarities I think that Outriders is not a full rip off, because it includes a lot of unique features too.

However, it is very difficult for a third person shooter to beat a first person shooter in satisfying shooting. Destiny offers first person shooting, while Outriders is a third person shooter so it is a big challenge for Outriders to find the top spot in the genre.

Outriders releases on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X on 2 February, 2021.

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