Comparison of Monster Harvest vs Pokemon vs Stardew Valley:

Monster Harvest allows players to grow their own farm & they can mutate their harvest into animals called Planimals. It seems like a mix of Stardew Valley & Pokemon. Planimals will fight against other monsters in turn-based fights so that they can protect the people from the antagonists. Planimals are very loyal & helpful like Pokemon.


Farming, Crafting & Mutating:

In this game, players will be farming & they will grow plants & monsters. Players can make their farm, construct & modify their home, make furniture, create tasty jams & mutate their harvest into dangerous animals that can help them in winning fights.

Comparison of Pokemon vs Monster Harvest
Comparison of Pokemon vs Monster Harvest
Image Credit: Nintendo | Maple

Pokemon like Planimals have their own abilities:

Players can grow every type of Planimals & they will have their own skills for example I have seen one of them that can be ridden similar to Chocobo of Pokemon.


How plants are transformed into Planimals:

The crucial feature of Monster Harvest is the way normal plants are turned into Planimals. This happens with the use of magical slimes that transform plants into dangerous animals. This game lets players create 72 different types of Planimals which is based on the season, the slime or the plant.


Feed your Monsters:

Players can feed their Planimals, jams & plants to prepare them for fight. ‘The Evil SlimeCo.’ is an enemy organization & the role of players is to protect the town from their nefarious plans.

Comparison of Stardew Valley vs Monster Harvest
Comparison of Stardew Valley vs Monster Harvest
Image Credit: ConcernedApe | Maple

Monster Harvest has the taste of Stardew Valley:

Monster Harvest consists of many aspects that seem like Stardew Valley. There is a collection of tools to choose from as well as a little local town for exploration & players can meet the townsfolk. A dungeon is available for exploration. A farm can be customized. Monster Harvest seems to have a taste of Stardew Valley.



This game consists of 3 seasons – dry, wet & dark. Every season will have its own pros & cons, & will affect the gameplay. In-game farming will be different from Stardew Valley such as players will use magical slimes to transform their plants into monsters.


Monster Harvest Release Date:


Monster Harvest releases on 13 May 2021 on PC & Switch. It releases on Xbox One & PlayStation 4 on 3 June, 2021.

Monster Harvest Trailer:

Watch trailer of Monster Harvest:

Monster Harvest Trailer


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