NieR Replicant v1.22 Remake Cross Platform Play, Cross Save, Cross Progression & Multiplayer Coop:

NieR Replicant narrates the story of a person who starts an adventure with a talking book, to find the ‘Sealed verses’ to save his sister from the dangerous disease.

NieR Replicant is debuting in the west.


NieR Replicant v1.22 Story:

The game is set in the far future. Mankind is about to vanish. An illness as well as bizarre creatures are terrorizing this planet. A young man wants to save his younger sister from a disease. His journey is full of hardships.

Reveal the secret of this planet. Start an adventure along with a doubtful team of comrades in a world on the edge of annihilation, overwhelming with disease & terrible creatures.


NieR Replicant v1.22 Gameplay:

Battle against cruel rivals using a combination of melee weapons & magical spells.

NieR Replicant remaster lets you customize your spells, abilities & melee weaponries.

NieR Replicant Cross Play, Cross Save & Coop Multiplayer
NieR Replicant Cross Play, Cross Save & Coop Multiplayer
Image Credit: Square Enix

NieR Replicant Remaster Cross Save and Cross Platform Progression:

Cross Save is a feature that allows users to save game progress on one platform & continue it from where they have left off on another platform. Game offering Cross Save creates a save file on a remote server & multiple hardware are able to access it. For example, if you save game progress on PC then you can continue game progress on Xbox or PlayStation.

Cross Platform Progression allows players to share their game's related progress between different hardware.

NieR Replicant does not support the Cross Save and Cross Platform Progression feature.


NieR Replicant Remake Cross Platform Play:

Cross Platform Play is a multiplayer feature that allows users of different platforms to play games together. For example, PC players are able to play with mobile, Xbox & PlayStation players if all platforms support Cross Play feature.

Unfortunately, Cross Platform Play is not available in NieR Replicant Remake.

NieR Replicant Remaster Multiplayer Coop:

Coop allows multiple users to play games cooperatively. They can join hands to fight against enemies together. Coop feature lowers the game difficulty because players can take help of their friends in beating difficult enemies & bosses.

Unfortunately, Multiplayer Coop is not available in NieR Replicant remaster.

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