What is the Release Date of King’s Bounty 2 for PS5 & Xbox Series X/S?

King’s Bounty II is a fantasy adventure game which is heaps better & different from the first game. King’s Bounty launched in 1990 which gave you an opportunity to battle swarms of creatures from bird’s eye view to save your empire. The series evolved into isometric tactical battle, & the sequel is taking things to the next level.

In the original King’s Bounty, the arena was a flat ground, but now the arena is transforming into a 3-Dimensional field. Line is sight is a new addition which will let archers damage enemies even more if they are standing at a higher point than the enemy.

King's Bounty II
King's Bounty II
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When King’s Bounty 2 is coming to PS5 & Xbox Series X/S?

King’s Bounty 2 is in development for PS5 & Xbox Series X/S. It is confirmed to launch on PS5 & Xbox Series X/S in the future. Release date of King’s Bounty II for PS5 & Xbox Series X/S is not yet announced. King’s Bounty 2 is set to be launched on PS4, Xbox One, PC & Nintendo Switch on 24 August, 2021. King’s Bounty II will offer better graphics on the next-gen consoles.


Transition of King’s Bounty II to Tactical RPG:

King’s Bounty franchise has offered multiple games & spin-offs, but the latest game in the series is not based on any of the earlier games. King’s Bounty 2 is not based on any earlier games in the series because all previous games were not connected. Those games did not fall into the title of epic role-playing game adventure, but were more focused on fighting against random creatures that appear on the screen. King’s Bounty II is truly an epic adventure video game.

Also, King’s Bounty II is a tactical core. It isn’t an action role playing game but a hybrid of RPG & tactical core.

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