Will Madden NFL 22 Release on Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS & Amazon Luna?

EA is destined to change various features that have been criticized & include new aspects in Madden NFL 22. Now you can take advantage of the home field that has been ignored in the past. You will have crowd support if you are playing in your home stadium that will encourage you to perform better & the environment will negatively affect your opponents. Madden NFL 22 is confirmed to release on 20 August, 2021, & it includes local & online co-op & PVP multiplayer modes.


Is Madden NFL 22 Announced for Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS & Amazon Luna:

Madden NFL 22 is hitting multiple platforms including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC & Google Stadia on 20 August, 2021. Madden NFL 22 is not launching on Nintendo Switch, Amazon Luna, Android & iOS at least at release. Madden NFL 21 also skipped Nintendo Switch platform but it launched on iOS & Android. Madden NFL 22 might launch on the missing platforms in the future. At this stage nothing is confirmed. We will update you if we hear any news regarding this topic.

Madden NFL 22
Madden NFL 22
Image Credit: Electronic Arts

Madden NFL 22 Improvements & New Features:

There is a bundle of new features added to Madden NFL 22 such as fresh talent tree system, overhauled scouting, franchise staff attribute, & other meaningful changes & new features.

In the fresh franchise staff, you have the chance to make excellent choices from the front office to the stadium that will help your team. Train fresh staff for the upcoming challenges. You can use the tree system that has been introduced in the game for improving your squad’s abilities & help in optimization of gamers to choose a certain gameplay style.

EA Sports has done a tremendous amount of work in fixing the Madden NFL 22 game after Madden NFL 21 received criticism. It includes the top mode of the game “Ultimate Team Mode”. It lets gamers make squads with NFL legends & current players.

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