Will Orcs Must Die 3 Support Cross Platform Play, & Cross Save?

Beat swarms of offensive orcs in the third game of Orcs Must Die series.

Now you can enjoy more mayhem as swarms of monsters can be slayed. Play alone or invite a buddy who will help you in slicing hordes of creatures. You can use a large number of weaponries & traps for ambushing your enemies. 

There are more creatures, ambushes, weaponries, upgradable, & there are more tools that can help you during adventure.

The narrative of Orcs Must Die 3 is set 20 years after the predecessor. War Mage & Sorceress have reestablished the order & have trained fresh trainees.

Face more militaries of orcs during missions.

New machines will come in handy when slicing & slaying these aggressive armies of orcs.

You will still confront a massive number of orcs even if the narrative is finished. You can complete weekly challenges or see your performance in Endless Mode.




Cross Platform Play


Cross Gen Play


Cross Platform Save


Cross Gen Save



Orcs Must Die 3 Cross Platform Play:

Cross platform play allows gamers to enjoy the gameplay with others that might not be connected via any supported platform. Users of diverse platforms can play together via cross platform play.

Sadly, cross platform play is missing from Orcs Must Die 3.

Orcs Must Die 3 Cross Platform Play
Orcs Must Die 3 Cross Platform Play
Image Credit: Robot Entertainment

Orcs Must Die 3 Cross Platform Save:

Cross platform save is an amazing feature that will allow gamers to start the gameplay on any supported platform & upon switching the platform, they can load from their saved data.

Alas, cross platform save is not included in Orcs Must Die 3.


Orcs Must Die 3 Cross Generation Play:

Cross Generation play is only limited to generations of the same platform. Gamers of both generations can enjoy gameplay together.

However, Cross generation play is not added to Orcs Must Die 3.


Orcs Must Die 3 Cross Generation Save:

Cross Generation Save creates a save file for gamers that is accessible on any generation of the same platform. You can load your progress from the last save no matter which generation you are using.

Sadly, Cross generation save is unavailable in Orcs Must Die 3.

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