Major Differences between Psychonauts 2 vs Original Psychonauts:

Psychonauts 2 merges original quests & secretive plots. There are platforming challenges along with many psychic powers. This game is funny, challenging, & risky. You will control Raz, who can enter the minds of his buddies & rivals on a mission to beat a dangerous psychic enemy.

Psychonauts 2 is releasing 16 years after the original Psychonauts. In 16 years, much has altered in the video game world especially in the platforming genre. But Psychonauts 2 looks like it can contest the newest titles.


Differences in Psychonauts 2 vs Original Psychonauts - Combat System:

The combat of Psychonauts 2 looks promising & compared with the original, the combat of the sequel is more fluid. Players can use a wide range of psychic powers for blasting, burning, & levitating objects, or they can manipulate time to crack puzzles & fight bizarre rivals. The old Psychonauts was not very good at handling combat b/w heroes & the enemies.

Psychic powers have a greater advantage in the fight. Certain rivals are vulnerable to these powers. Players can adapt their combat style to the rival. In the original game, there were not enough psychic abilities & in the sequel there are many psychic powers & you can customize them to suit your combat style. You can change your powers as you play different game levels.

Also, rivals are more competent & they have an advanced AI. Characters can dodge attacks & progress. Prioritizing powers is a real game changer in Psychonauts 2.

Comparison b/w Psychonauts 2 vs Original Psychonauts 1
Comparison b/w Psychonauts 2 vs Original Psychonauts 1
Image Credit: Double Fine Productions

Differences in Psychonauts 2 vs Original Psychonauts - Upgrade System:

There is an upgrade system that allows you to choose your powers. In the original game, your skills were improved automatically, but the sequel gives you an opportunity to select what powers you want to improve.


Psychonauts 2 Release Date:

Psychonauts 2 is set to be released on both current & next-gen consoles: Xbox & PlayStation. It will hit PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Linux & Mac on 25 August, 2021. Psychonauts 2 is not confirmed for Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, & Amazon Luna.

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