Does Disciples Liberation Offer Couch / Online Co-op or VS (PVP) Multiplayer Mode?

A dark fantasy tactical role-playing game that features turn based battle. Free the terrain & reveal the endless narratives that this world hides. Every choice of players has a consequence in this game, & every wrong choice could prove fatal.

Your narrative starts building up when you choose from 4 different classes, & you need to carve your path, while hiring people from a variety of parties.


Multiplayer Mode


Local Co-op


Online Co-op


Local VS / PVP Multiplayer


Online VS / PVP Multiplayer


Cross Platform Play


Cross Gen Play


Cross Save / Cross Progression


Cross Gen Save



What’s a Couch Co-op Multiplayer?

Couch co-op is a cooperative feature suitable for those who can’t play the story mode alone. Also, it lets family / friends truly enjoy the game by playing together as a team.


Can I Play Couch Co-op Multiplayer in Disciples Liberation?

Sorry, Couch Co-op Multiplayer is unsupported by Disciples Liberation.


What is an Online Co-op Multiplayer?

Online co-op gives players a chance to connect with their online buddies. Players can either search for someone to help them in the story campaign, or connect with their friends to fully enjoy the gameplay.


Can I Play Online Co-op Multiplayer in Disciples Liberation?

Sadly, Online Co-op Multiplayer is not available in Disciples Liberation.

Does Disciples Liberation Support PVP Multiplayer?
Does Disciples Liberation Support PVP Multiplayer?
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What is a Couch VS / PVP Multiplayer?

Couch VS / PVP Multiplayer allows players to confront their family / neighbors in a match.


Can I Play Couch VS / PVP Multiplayer in Disciples Liberation?

Alas, Couch VS / PVP Multiplayer is not included in Disciples Liberation.


What is an Online VS / PVP Multiplayer?

Online VS Multiplayer lets users face their friends or veterans of this game. Players can either fight against a single opponent, or build a team & fight against an opponent team.


Can I Play Online VS / PVP Multiplayer in Disciples Liberation?

Fortunately, Online VS / PVP Multiplayer is supported by Disciples Liberation.


Disciples Liberation Key Features:

  • Complete missions for gathering rare resources.
  • Hire more than 50 people & build your military that suits your gameplay.
  • Confront brutal bosses & fight against terrifying creatures, each of them needs a different tactic.
  • Decision is very important in Disciples Liberation. It helps in guiding your destiny & affect what type of ruler you become.
  • Battle against your buddies in two player online battles.

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