.hack//G.U. Last Recode: Local / Online Co-op, PVP Multiplayer, Cross Play, Cross Gen Play, Cross Progression, Cross Gen Save:

.hack//G.U. includes Rebirth, Reminisce & Redemption, packed into one collection. Now all 3 games are remastered & restored completely. The collection also includes the fourth game: Reconnection.

Does .hack//G.U. Last Recode Offer Co-op Multiplayer?
Does .hack//G.U. Last Recode Offer Co-op Multiplayer?
Image Credit: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

.Hack//G.U Last Recode Multiplayer:

.Hack//G.U Last Recode only offers a single player story campaign. Local & Online Co-op Multiplayer is not included in .Hack//G.U Last Recode. There is no Local & Online PVP Multiplayer in .Hack//G.U Last Recode. .Hack//G.U Last Recode does not offer Cross Play (Cross Platform Multiplayer), Cross Progression, Cross Gen Play & Cross Gen Save.


.Hack//G.U Last Recode Release Date:

.Hack//G.U Last Recode was released on PS4 & PC in November 2017. This game is set to be released on Nintendo Switch on 11 March 2022.

What's New in .Hack//G.U Last Recode?

All games are completely restored with improved graphics & cutscenes rendered in 1080p & 60 frames per second.

Improved fight balance & the speed of the game are adjusted to offer the same experience for beginners & series veterans.

A PS4 & PC remaster collection that features the first 3 parts of the series completely restored & remastered. In addition, a new chapter is included in .Hack//G.U Last Recode.


.Hack//G.U Last Recode just provides a solo campaign. Couch & Online Co-op is not available in .Hack//G.U Last Recode. Couch & Online PVP Multiplayer is not included too. Cross Play, Cross Save, Cross Gen Play & Cross Gen Save are not added to Hack//G.U Last Recode.


SpellForce 3 Description:

Improve the skills of 1 of 3 parties including Orcs, Elves, & mankind. Players need to arrange their army & battle against the foes. Tactical play as well as getting benefit of the battlefield & more strategies will lead players to victory on the war zone.

Players can have fun with over thirty-hour story mode on their own or with their buddies. Players need to encounter foes of every ability in the PVP multiplayer mode.

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