Is Cross Play or Cross Platform Multiplayer confirmed for FIFA 23 (EA Sports Football Club)?

A 13th instalment in the popular FIFA franchise created by Electronic Arts. The user’s goal is to win football matches & trophies to achieve triumph by playing as one of numerous licensed teams.

Electronic Arts has not disclosed any information about their new FIFA game, “FIFA 23”. The game might release at the end of this year’s September based on the launch date of FIFA 22.

Does FIFA 23 (EA Sports FC) support Cross Platform Play?
Does FIFA 23 (EA Sports FC) support Cross Platform Play?
Image Credit: EA Sports

Many fans requested Cross Platform Multiplayer in the upcoming FIFA games that would let gamers play with their buddies from different platforms, & together they would unite the FUT player base.

We are expecting for a quicker matchmaking, a challenging pool of FUT stars, & a universal FUT marketplace b/w every platform in the upcoming FIFA title.

FIFA 23 is expected to assist in levelling the playing field using huge FUT 23 cards, & make sure that every player confronts the same challenge.

Higher representation in matchmaking would offer a further precise rating of player ability with more rivals to confront.

FIFA 23 will give users a chance to play the game with their buddies on different platforms that would connect PC users with console users.

However, so far, Cross Play is not officially confirmed for FIFA 23 but we think that the fresh reports would be true, & FIFA 23 would become the first game in the series that would offer Cross Platform Multiplayer.

If Cross Play is supported by FIFA 23, then it would mean that PlayStation players will be able to play with Xbox & PC players. It would be a huge achievement compared to previous FIFA games.


New Name of FIFA 23 would be EA Sports Football Club (EA Sports FC):

Electronic Arts is not going to buy the FIFA license anymore, & the name of the upcoming FIFA would be EA Sports Football Club. This news came from one of the reliable industry insiders, & it is confirmed by the trademark that Electronic Arts filed in 2021.

The new FIFA game would be named EA Sports Football Club or EA Sports FC. However, the name might change so we have to wait for the official announcement but inside Electronic Arts, this name is used for FIFA 23.

Electronic Arts does not want to buy a FIFA license because they think that fans play FIFA because of the game, not the name.

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