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Batting games category is a collection of online cricket games specifically added to improve your batting skills. To keep you entertain, we have added cricket games where you can practice your batting by playing in nets, in cricket ground, on some vacant field or in your backyard. Practice your batting skills and play some amazing shots that you see on TV. Either play classical shots or do slogging, get better in doing what you enjoy to do in batting cricket games.

Cricket games in this category is a mix of on field games, net games and backyard cricket games. Purpose of all cricket games is to improve batting skills. Play cricket games online and share score with friends.

Play Fantacy Cricket game
Online Fantacy Cricket Game
Play Top Spinner Cricket game
Online Top Spinner Cricket Game
Play Cricket The Batsman Game
Online Cricket Batsman Game
Play Turbo Cricket game
Online Turbo Cricket Game
Play Cricmania Cricket game
Online Cricmania Cricket Game
Play Hit Cancer For Six Cricket game
Online Hit Cancer For 6 Cricket Game
Play Cricket Pinch Hitter Game
Online Cricket Pinch Hitter Game
Play Top Spinner Blitz Cricket Game
Online Top Spinner Blitz Cricket Game
Play Smashtastic Cricket game
Online Cricmania Cricket Game
Play Batter Challenge Cricket Game
Online Cricket Batter Challenge Game
Play Score Maximum Cricket Game
Online Score Maximum Cricket Game
Play Turbo Cricket Pro Game
Online Turbo Cricket Pro Game
Play Chhota Bheem Target Practice Cricket game
Online Bheem Target Practice Cricket Game
Play Practice Cricket Game
Online Practice Cricket Game
Play Smash-em Cricket Challenge Game
Online Smash-em Cricket Challenge Game
Play Keymon Cricket Game
Online Keymon Cricket Game

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