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Play online cricket learning games that can test your knowledge and skills and help you learn from these cricket games. Play Typer cricket game and guess names of players. Answer series of questions about Umpiring in cricket and learn about cricket laws, rules and regulations. Cricket trivia will expose you to some really important cricket information, cricket legends, records. If you answer any question wrong then correct answer will be displayed on screen so you can correct your self.

Play Online Typer Cricket Game
Online Typer Cricket Game
Play Umpire Test Cricket Game
Online Umpire Test Cricket Game

Play CMAT Cricket Trivia Game
Online CMAT Cricket Trivia Game

Play Cricket Umpire Decision Game
Online Cricket Umpire Decision Game

Play Nick Cricket Academy Game
Online Nick Cricket Academy Game

Cricket learning games category is designed for kids or beginner to learn cricket rules, law and regulations through cricket game. All cricket games in this category are for beginner level gamer. If you answer any question wrong then game will show you the correct answer. Play cricket games and learn some basic cricket knowledge. Entertainment and learning is the sole purpose of this cricket game category.

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