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Online Wicket Keeping Volt Game:

Play online Wicket Keeping volt game and test your skills with gloves behind the wicket. Don't let any ball miss your glove or you would lose a life, catching a ball will award you 10 points. After every over, bowler will change and stats of new bowler will be displayed on the screen. Stats will explain if bowler is leg spinner, off spinner or a fast bowler. 

Play online Wicket Keeping Volt game
Wicket Keeping Volt Game
Game Instructions: Move gloves using mouse, get in line with the ball to catch it. 10 points awarded for every catch and missing a ball will cost you a life. 

Play Color Joy Online Game for free:

Color Joy Game Description:

Support the colored figures to reach the teleport and then get back home safe and sound! Solve puzzling brain-teasers to complete over 40 levels by removing blocks and merging same color objects. Gather stars, open bonus levels and reach the secret level by beating the game.



Only Use Mouse to play.

Play Color Joy Online Game
Play Color Joy Online Game

Play Cricket World Championship Online Game:

This world cup championship game consist of different stages. To become ultimate world champion, you will have to win 2 League matches, 5 matches in Super Six League, a semi final and then Grand Final. The game ends when you win final or if you lose any of the match. Remember these are knock out matches in cricket world championship game. Select your favorite team from list of 10 cricket teams. Choose your players from list available or leave it as default. Cricket world championship flash cricket game offers variation in number of overs you can play. This game allows you to play 5 overs, 10 overs, 20 overs and a 25 overs cricket championship game.

Chose number of overs to play and computer will generate a target for you to chase. It is a very fast game, you can score runs very fast and win the game quick. Or you can lose wicket fast and can get kicked out of tournament pretty quick. If you like playing tournament games that can lead you to knock out, semi final and final. Then play online flash cricket world championship game for free.

Cricket world championship game

Cricket World Championship

World Cricket Championship Game Instructions: Use arrow keys to play this game, you can play straight drive, leg side drive and off side drive. This is a batting only game so you don't have to worry about bowling controls.

Cricket World Championship Game Walkthrough:

We have uploaded a walkthrough of Cricket World Championship game for our gamer. You can watch complete walk through of 2 league matches. Every game will give you a challenge, runs you have to score in limited overs. I have played the full game but uploading complete walk through would be very boring to youtubers to watch. Give it a go and explore super six stages, semi final and final yourself by playing cricket world cup championship game for free on this page.

We will keep updating online cricket world championship game by adding more description, game controls, new game photos, new cricket game walkthroughs and videos to make it easy and entertaining for our game fans. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.
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Play Gibbets 3 Online Game for free:

Gibbets 3 Game Description:

Hero Gibbets is back to save people from execution. Load up your bow and fire at rope in order to save some persons from hanging.



Aim for the rope, Click and hold the bow, then pull back and release in order to shoot an arrow.

Play Gibbets 3 Online Game
Play Gibbets 3 Online Game

Online India Vs England Game:

India Vs England cricket game consists of 11 level. Decide what mode do you want to play, Instant match or a Close encounter game. Pick either team and toss the coin up in the air. This game comes with some really good graphics. You can play the shot and watch fielder chasing the ball and throwing it back to the bowler. Running between wicket is crucial as you will have to do it yourself. 

Play India Vs England game

India V/S England Game

Game Instructions: Use keyboard to play this game, space bar is used to run between wickets or to continue the game after each ball is bowled. Use arrow keys for shot selection, Up - Down - Left - Right.

credits to gangofgamers

Play Cardinal Quest Online Game:

Cardinal Quest Description:

Cardinal Quest is free-to-play game. It’s a turn-based hack and slash adventure game. In the game pick from six classes and make your way through randomly generated levels that are full of bountiful treasures. Your purpose is to conquer the forces of darkness!

In the game unlock new classes and get some real perks experiences with Kreds or either earn them by playing. Defeat monsters and bosses and let’s play!



Press Arrow Keys or mouse click to MOVE.

Press Space or Click yourself to wait a turn.

Press skills or click 1-5 to use skills.

For more info, press the “Menu” button in the bottom right and press “Help”.

Play Cardinal Quest Game
Play Cardinal Quest Game

Online Cricket Fatka Game:

Cricket Fatka game allows you to test your strength by hitting the main base. The machine is an inspiration from striker machine in game zone. The machine in this game will display all the cricket rules. You can see overs on the display screen, runs scored or Out (when you lose wicket), time of play is only set as 2 overs. You can either chose a Single match or a Challenge match (select easy, medium or hard), enter your name and name of your team. Score runs by slamming base hard with the hammer and have fun.

Cricket Fatka Game

Game Instructions: Use only left and right arrow keys on keyboard to raise the hammer.

credits to cricketgames 247

Play Synapsis 2 Online Game for free:

Synapsis 2 Description:

After two years of wait finally the game is available now.  
The game is the part II of the adventurous mind bending game. In the game David Carter is once again trapped in a sequence of bizarre rooms from which he needs to find an escape route. 



Only Use Mouse to play the game.

Play Synapsis 2 Online Game
Play Synapsis 2 Online Game

Play Online Yorker Cricket Game:

Yorker is a run down version of Angry Bird game. Graphics are not that good but still okay to play Yorker game for fun. It is very easy to play cricket game, Aim at the helmets on the other side of wood pile and knock it off. Adjust trajectory of shot so it can knock of helmet in one hit. Difficulty level of the game will keep getting harder and harder as you play. Only 3 turns are allowed in each level, accuracy will come after playing few games of Yorker. You can continue the game even if you lose and your score will keep adding on top of your high score.

Yorker Game Instructions: Use mouse to play yorker cricket game. Left click and position and aim using mouse. Once ready release left click and ball will shot up in the air.

Play online cricket Yorker game
Play online cricket Yorker game

We will keep updating online Yorker cricket game by adding more text and graphics. Yorker game walk through and videos will be added soon. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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Play Online Just Not Cricket Game:

Just not cricket is online cricket strategy game. While you are playing a real game on the field; there is a sudden outburst of little monsters coming out of ground and killing players. Save your self and save players of opponent team, every ones life is in your hands. You can kill monsters by hitting them with your bat, be quick to hit and move away from them if you get surrounded by too many. Every new level will more difficult than the previous one.

Play Just not cricket game

Just Not Cricket Game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play this game. Use mouse to move batsman and bowler. Hold mouse button down to hit the ball while click the mouse button to bowl.

Play India Vs England Cricket Game:

Take control of Indian batting and try to beat England by hitting boundaries.This game will only allow you to bat through out the innings and you won't get a chance to bowl at all. India V/S England cricket game offers 2 modes of play, a tournament mode and a quick play mode. In tournament mode, you can select either a 3 overs, 5 overs or a 10 overs game. In quick play mode you can only play a 5 overs India v/s England cricket game.

Every mode of England and India cricket game will give you a different challenge, you have to score certain runs in limited overs to achieve the target and move to next level. You will get rewarded 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 runs depending on timing of your shot. A miss hit in this flash cricket game could result in getting caught. Enjoy the rivalry of India and England cricket teams and play India v/s England flash cricket game online for free.

India V/S England Game Controls: India v/s England cricket rivalry game comes with really simple instructions, hit SPACE bar to activate bowler and then use ARROW keys for shot selection. Hit with timing and get maximum runs on board.

Play India vs England Cricket Game
India vs England Cricket Game

India Vs England Cricket Game Instructions

We will keep updating India V/S England online cricket game by adding more description, game controls, new game photos, new cricket game walkthroughs and videos to make it easy and entertaining for our game fans. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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Play Online Cricket Challenge Game:

Cricket challenge flash game is an old but most popular cricket game. Select your club team and bat for 15 overs or till you lose all 10 wickets. Time your shot properly because not every ball you hit will go for a boundary. Balls will be pitched at various speeds, lengths and position. You are more likely to get caught if shot selection and direction of shot is not good for that delivery. A small marker will appear on screen to help you out with your shot selection. Take lessons on how to play this game and do some practice session before you begin playing cricket challenge game online for free.

Play some explosive power shots to boost your run rate. Power shots will give you maximum runs if timed properly but they are not always accurate. If you like challenge games then don't miss out on opportunity to play free cricket challenge game.

Play online cricket challenge game

Cricket Challenge Game Instructions: Use arrow keys to select your shots like pull, straight drive, forward defense, sweep. Follow small indicator at the bottom of screen for better shot selection. Arrow key plus shift key will give you a power shot that will give you more distance but less accuracy.

Cricket Challenge Game Walkthrough:

Watch walkthrough of cricket challenge game online. We have recorded and uploaded game videos for our game fans and cricket games lovers. Walk through of game will give you enough knowledge of game play, controls, graphics and challenges in this online flash cricket game. Watch this short video of complete batting of domestic county cricket team in cricket challenge game.

We will keep updating online cricket challenge flash game by adding more description, game controls, new game photos, new cricket game walkthroughs and videos to make it easy and entertaining for our game fans. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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Play Stick Blender Online Game:

Stick Blender Description:

Guard your blender from groups of stick figures by throwing them into a bloody death. Are stick figures going to blend?



Use Mouse: Circle to bubble, Use Click & Drag to throw

Play Online Stick Blender Game
Play Online Stick Blender Game

Online 20-20 Cricket Game:

20/20 Cricket game consists of 15 overs and balls would be bowled at different pace, length and position and you have to decide as a batsman what sort of shot you can play. Timing and stroke selection is key to score runs and not to lose a wicket. A small indicator will appear on the pitch to show you where ball will hit the ground, giving you ample time in shot selection. You can chose to play batting practice game or go straight to tournament. T20 cricket game consists of 14 games, chose your team and select opponent team. Decide if you want to bat or ball and kick start this entertaining yet another challenging game.

Play Twenty20 Cricket Game
Twenty20 Cricket Game

Game Instructions: Use arrow keys to play the game, left - right - up - down. Any key with combination of shift key will give you extra strength but less accuracy. Read game instructions and control in start of game.

credits to cricketgames 247

Play Brutal Online Game for free:

Brutal Game Description:

Ultimate test of reflex, speed and wit. Utilize the physics world in this challenging platformer puzzle game.



A/D or LEFT/RIGHT to move. W, UP or SPACEBAR to jump. Everything else is up to you.

Play Brutal Online Game
Play Brutal Online Game

Play Battle Beavers Online Game:

Battle Beavers Description:

The game features beat them up along with elements of Role Playing Game - RPG. Game is about a beaver named Bold who is on a journey to overthrow Rangor the Terrible.

The game contains a lots of enemies with whom the player has to fight. You can unlock equipment, upgrade player stats, & use special moves and even more.


Battle Beavers Instructions:

  • Use Arrows to move
  • Use A for attack
  • Use S for heavy attack
  • Use D for defend
  • 1-6 are special attacks (need to be unlocked first)
  • Use P for pause
Play Battle Beavers Game
Play Battle Beavers Game


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