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Chota Bheem Cricket Challenge Game:

Kalia has beaten all the children except Chhota Bheem in cricket. He wants to become number 1 player of cricket so he challenged Bheem in a single cricket match. He asked Bheem if anyone loses this match, he would not play cricket anymore. Play as Bheem and defeat Kalia to remain the no. 1 player of cricket in Dholakpur. If you like accepting challenges then play Chotta Bheem cricket challenge game online for free.

Online Bheem Cricket challenge game

Chhota Bheem cricket challenge game

Game Instructions: Hit the ball at the right moment by pressing mouse button so that no one can catch it.

credits to cricketgames net

Play Aliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars Online Game:

Aliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars Description:

Gamer has to use the last starship in order to defeat aliens with the help of copilot.



Arrows keys or WASD keys in order to move, mouse in order to aim, P key for auto fire.

Play Aliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars Game
Play Aliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars Game

Play Catch'em 2 online game for free:

Catch'em 2 Description:

Move the bucket in order to catch the blue drops and also evade the toxic green drops. As the game progresses the drops begin to fall faster.



Mouse in order to move the bucket.

Play Catch'em 2 Online Game
Play Catch'em 2 Online Game

Play Online World Cricket 2011 Game:

Play a one day cricket match in World Cup Cricket 2011 game. You can select 5 over game, 10 overs game, 20 overs game or play a 50 overs game in World Cup. Choose your favorite cricket team and select opponent team. Toss the coin and you might either have to bat or ball, depending on the result. World Cricket 2011 is a complete cricket game, you can bat for 50 overs and put runs on board. Bowl in second innings and try to defend your score. Cricket control varies for right handed and left handed batsmen. Separate control instructions need to be followed for bowling.

In World cup cricket 2011 game, you can also choose to play a quick game and chase the target provided to you. If you are a world cup cricket junkie then this game offer superb graphics and mind blowing shots. Get back in your seat and play this amazing World Cup Cricket 2011 game for free.


Online World Cricket 2011 Game

Online World Cricket 2011 Game

World Cricket 2011 Game Instructions: Play as right handed batsman or a left handed batsman. Follow batting instructions below and click on thumbnail at bottom to enlarge bowling instructions.
Right Handed Batsman: key 6 for sweep, 9 for back foot defence, 1 for front foot defence, 4 for off drive, 7 for advance off drive, 2 for straight drive and 3 for advance On drive.
Left Handed Batsman: key 4 for sweep, 7 for back foot defence, 3 for front foot defence, 6 for off drive, 9 for advance off drive, 2 for straight drive and 1 for advance On drive.

We will keep updating online world cricket 2011 game by adding more description, game controls, new game photos, new cricket game walkthroughs and videos to make it easy and entertaining for our game fans. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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Play Raider Episode 2 Online Game for Free:

Raider Episode 2 Description:

Continuation of Raider Episode 1 in this Raider Episode 2 action online game.



“A” key to jump,
“S” key to slash,
“D” key to shoot,
UP Arrow for ladders, doors…,
Other arrow keys for movement,
Space key to pause.

Play Raider Episode 2 Game
Play Raider Episode 2 Game

Play Online Cricket Fielder Challenge Game:

Fielder challenge game is all about catching the ball. Choose your favorite team from a list of six cricket teams (Australia, England, India, Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka). Select your opponent team and kick start the game. You as a wicket keeper will be defending the wickets. Ball will be hit towards you with speed and different trajectories and directions. Strong reflexes are vital in moving your hands towards the direction of ball. Catch the ball and keep yourself alive in the game.

Control wicket keeper's glove by moving your mouse. It is a very challenging wicket keeping cricket game. Strong reflexes will be necessary as you won't get much time once ball is hit. Every catch will earn you points so take as many catches as you can. This cricket game will only give your 3 chances, game will end if 3 lives are used. Fielder challenge is a free online wicket keeping game.

Cricket Fielder Challenge Game Instructions: Use mouse to play fielder cricket challenge game. Move keeper's glove by moving your mouse. If gloves are properly align with ball then catch will be taken automatically. Keep taking catches and score runs.

Online Cricket fielder challenge game

Online Cricket Fielder Challenge Game

We will update this game in future by adding some more description and fielder challenge game walk through and cricket videos. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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Robo Riot Online Game for Free:

Robo Riot Description:

Robots are tired of their human masters and they are on a rampage. So protect humans and take down large waves of robots in the Crowd Control play mode. Or in Assassination mode shoot and destroy the leaders of the revolt. 



In Crowd Control, click in order to start drawing a rectangular electrocution field and when all the 4 corners have the exact same robot color click in order to use the power surge. In Assassination, click in order to shoot a robot.

Play Robo Riot Online Game
   Play Robo Riot Online Game

Play Online Nick Cricket Academy Game:

Nick cricket academy game is also known as cricket academy Motu and Patlu game. Academy cricket game is a quiz game and it would be good game for learning cricket game rules. If you answer any question wrong then screen will show you correct answer. Learn from your mistakes and correct them when you play cricket academy game. It is a samosa break time in Nick cricket academy. Win a samosa for Motu so he can eat it during break by answering quiz questions correctly in this cricket game. 

Motu and Patlu cricket academy game consist of an informative quiz. Cricket lovers can play this game to learn cricket laws and rules. You need to answer 10 multiple choice questions in this cricket quiz game. Each question must be answered in 30 seconds only. Choose correct answer from list of 4 probably answers. Earn maximum points (30 points) by answering question in 20 seconds. Answering question after running out of time will earn you only 5 points. Play this informative cricket learning game online.

Nick Cricket Academy Game Instructions: Use mouse to play Motu and Patlu cricket academy game. Read the question and click on correct answer in multiple answer section. Press done and screen will show you if answer is correct or wrong. Press next button and screen will take you to another question.

Play Motu and Patlu cricket academy game

Online Nick Cricket Academy Game

We will keep updating Nick cricket academy game by adding new photos, walk through and cricket game videos. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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Play Wrap Attack online game for free:

Wrap Attack Description:

Doctor Zass kidnaps Santa so this year nobody is going to receive gift. But Tommy, a boy decides to rescue Santa & make kids happy again.



WASD keys/ARROWS keys in order to Move, Jump & crouch down.
Z/J keys in order to Shoot a toy repeatedly & then run over the toy in order to collect the gift.
X/K keys in order to Make an ice platform.

Play Wrap Attack online game
Play Wrap Attack online game

Play Online nPower Test Series Game:

NPower test series is one of oldest cricket game for internet browsers. Game controls are really basic for this game. As a batsman you have to judge line and length of ball and play shot accordingly. Score maximum runs by adjusting timing of your shot. Playing wrong shot might cost you a wicket. NPower test series is a 12 overs game, so build up some good partnership and score your maximum runs in test game. After completing the cricket game, you can record your score and join the battle to become the highest scoring team in UK.

nPower Test Series Game Instructions: You can use mouse or keyboard to play npower test game. Use keyboard arrow keys left, right and up to play your shots. If you want to use mouse to play this cricket game then control your shots by clicking on left side of screen for leg drive, click on right side of screen to play off drive and click in the middle of screen to play straight shot.

Online npower Test Series Game

Online npower Test Series Game

NPower test series will be updated in future, we will add new walk through some some cool videos and images to the game. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

game sourced from

Play Smoking Kills Online Game for Free:

Smoking Kills Description:

In this action online game put shades on before the start of the first mission in order to earn the ‘Too Cool for Light’ badge and don’t remove them until the completion of the game.   



Mouse in order to aim and shoot the target.

Play Smoking Kills Online Game
Play Smoking Kills Online Game

Online World Cricket Game:

Online World Cricket game will allow you to play as batsman or bowler. If you play as the batsman, then you will use arrow keys to hit ball out of the park. If you play as the bowler, then you have to be careful about placing your bowling indicator and the player will usually throw the ball at high power. From several teams, you have to choose one then select how many overs match you want to play. You can choose between 5 overs, 10 overs, 20 overs or 50 overs match.

Online World Cricket Game can be played from a 3rd person perspective and the camera is set behind the batsman so you can see the ball approaching or when you are bowling, the camera is set on the bowler so you can decide how to throw the ball.

Play World Cricket Online Game

Online World Cricket Game

Game Instructions:

Batting Controls:

  • Press A/D to move the batsman
  • Use Arrow keys to play the shot

Bowling Controls:

  • Press A/D to switch bowling sides
  • Use Arrow keys to place your bowling spot
  • Use Spacebar to fix indicator at preferred spot

Play Pyro Online Game for Free:

Pyro Description:

In this puzzle online game click & drag the fireball in order to set power & angle; then release the fireball in order to hit the torches. In order to complete the level, you have to hit the required number of torches. Burn the crates and enjoy! Tell friends if you like the game.


Press S key for suicide, if you think the ball is not going to hit any more torches otherwise the level will continue.  
Pressing R key for level reset.
Press Q to go back to the level selection.

Play Pyro Online Game
Play Pyro Online Game

Online Cricket Fatka Game:

Cricket Fatka game allows you to test your strength by hitting the main base. The machine is an inspiration from striker machine in game zone. The machine in this game will display all the cricket rules. You can see overs on the display screen, runs scored or Out (when you lose wicket), time of play is only set as 2 overs. You can either chose a Single match or a Challenge match (select easy, medium or hard), enter your name and name of your team. Score runs by slamming base hard with the hammer and have fun.

Cricket Fatka Game

Game Instructions: Use only left and right arrow keys on keyboard to raise the hammer.

credits to cricketgames 247

Online India Vs Pakistan Cricket Game:

Play India Vs Pakistan online cricket rivalry game. You can choose either instant match or a close encounter game. Select your team and toss the coin. In instant match, you get to play 10 overs game while in close encounter matches, you get to select one of the 5 provided scenario. Give it a crack and enjoy this thrilling game between 2 legendary arch rivals India and Pakistan.

Play India Vs Pakistan online cricket game

India Vs Pakistan Game

Game Instructions: Use left and right arrow keys to move batsman and when you are set in position then hit space key. Use arrow keys to play your shot.

credits to cricketgames me

Online Book Cricket Game:

Chota Beem Book cricket game is fun game for both kids and adults; it is really easy to play and you don't how to know any rules apart from what this game abide by. A tournament is set in Dholakpur. Beem has a magical 'Book of Cricket' that can control teams. He is all set for fun, are you with him??? If yes then click play button, select your team and opponent team. Select either 5, 7 or 10 overs and you are set to toss the coin. If you win the toss then select to bat or ball. Follow game controls and instructions and have fun

Play Chota Beem Book cricket game

Book Cricket Game

Game Instructions: Click on Play to start flipping pages, click again to score runs. The numbers at unit's place represents your score. Like 2 = 2 runs, 4 = 4 runs, 6 = 6 runs, 8 = 3 runs and 0 = out.

credits to cricketgames 247

Play Invasion from Hell Online Game:

Invasion from Hell Description:

In this strategy RPG game control your soldiers by giving them commands. Train and equip soldiers.  Provide various types of armor and weapon to soldiers in order to protect the base and also destroy enemy pits. 

Mouse and Arrow to play

Play Invasion from Hell Online Game
Play Invasion from Hell Online Game

Online Casino Cricket Game:

Casino Cricket is roulette based cricket game that you would mostly see in Casinos. Playing this game is very easy, select mode (easy, medium, hard) and then you have to pick your team and opponent team. Computer will automatically give you a challenge that you have to achieve before you lose all your lives. Casino board contains runs and outs. Every time it stop on some number; it will add to your score. If it stops on out or run out; you loose one wicket. Give it a go and you will love it.

Play Casino cricket game

Casino Cricket Game

Game Instructions: Spin the wheel of fortune by clicking on Gamble button and it will start spinning the wheel. Stop the spin by clicking anywhere on the wheel. You will get rewarded after stopping it. Every spin is a gamble, you either get points that adds up to your score or you lose you wicket.

credits to cricket-games


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