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Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Review, Gameplay, Development, Graphics, Multiplayer, Release date, Platforms & More:

We have added everything we know about Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link including its review, gameplay, graphics, development, multiplayer, release date, platforms & you can find more information in this article.

Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Review
Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Review

Platinum Games developed Nier: Automata, Bayonetta & Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance which proves that they are one of the top RPG developers. Now they are working on a new project Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link. The title of the game is tentative & it will be replaced later.

Cygames in collaboration with Platinum Games, uploaded the gameplay video of Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link which shows the map with city & boss fights that are announced during a livestream at the end of last year.

Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Gameplay:

The gameplay footage shows two scenes, the first scene shows one of the leading character Katalina who is walking through a village. The visuals of the game are more like Zelda & Dragon Quest 11. NPC of various races are up & about & children are running around in the village. There is an airship far from the area, which gives us some insight that we can fly through open skies.

The second footage shows Granblue Fantasy’s combat system. The action of the game is what we have seen in the other games of Platinum Games. The playable character can attack, jump, dodge enemy attacks while battling together will friends. The combat is quick, with the skill to use different methods in addition to execute charges attacks.

Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Gameplay
Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Gameplay

While playing the game in single player, the three characters that you are not controlling will battle on their own while being controlled by AI. Every character will have uniqueness in their actions or rather the type of their attacks will be different from the other characters & it will feel rather bustling. You can also play four player multiplayer mode where each character will be controlled by a player.

Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Development:

Cygames in partnership with Platinum Games made an announcement that the game is set to be released in 2018.

Granblue Fantasy is a 2014 mobile RPG video game & over 10 million copies of the game are downloaded in Japan & their upcoming edition Project Re:Link will launch the game on updated consoles including PS4 & PS VR.

There are not much details about the game revealed yet but the upcoming game will use the characters from the 2014 mobile RPG game & more we know that it will be an RPG game with social elements.

Granblue Fantasy has lots to explore in the massive blue world. The adventure continues from mobile phone to PS4. Attractive character designs & wonderful environments come to life in this 3D game.
The co-developers are working hard to create a new story featuring famous characters from original game.

Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Graphics & Multiplayer:

Platinum Games producer Kenji Saito said in a Weekly Famitsu magazine interview that they had presented the basic action that feel better. Graphics-wise Platinum Games have been able to present the game’s world settings.

The developers set the story of the game first & then they worked on the graphics of the game which took time. They also want to create a multiplayer mode so that the game can be played with friends / family.

The developers found it difficult to create images & it took long before they preview it. Other parts of the game are also being worked or in parallel, so we hope to see the fantasy game soon available on home consoles.

Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Story
Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Story

The developers had difficulty while creating the 3D presentation of the game. They worked on main story characters, backgrounds & more illustrations to be dropped as is to 3D. The graphics of the game will also continue to improve.

Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Release date:

Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link is set to be released on PS4 & PS VR in 2018. The game was announced at the Cygames Next 2016 event in Tokyo.

Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Trailer:

Watch Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link gameplay trailer till the end as you will see a dragon which appears at the end.

Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Gameplay Walkthrough:

Watch Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link first gameplay footage (walkthrough) in HD.

Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link More Information:

  • Developer: PlatinumGames Inc.
  • Director: Fukuhara Tetsuya
  • Illustration: Cygames / Cy Designation
  • Producer: Koichi Haruta
  • Composers: Nobuo Uematsu & Tsutomu Narita
  • Platforms: PS4 & PS VR
  • Release Date: 2018 (Japan)
  • Genre: Action RPG

Ace Combat 7 review, story, gameplay, trailer, walkthrough, release date, news & more:

We have added everything you want to know including Ace Combat 7 review, story, features, gameplay, release date, trailer, walkthrough & more.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is an upcoming action arcade flight game that is developed and published by well-known Bandai Namco Entertainment for PC Windows, Xbox One and PS 4 console. Most importantly the game is well-suited with the PS VR. Ace Combat 7 was revealed at PlayStation Experience held in December, 2015. It is a follow up to Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. Explore the beauty of being a selected fighter pilot. You are an Ace pilot who can destroy the rivals through strategic dog fighting, while you can be free flying through a completely immersive planet. Putting players in the cockpit of the high speed fighter aircrafts ever produced, Ace Combat 7 offers the air battle skill ever developed through eye catching visuals & extreme dog fighting action. Ace Combat 7 has surprised its fans with extreme graphics & gameplay never seen before. The skies are filled with clouds that are really wonderfully in the most attractive aerial combats in the franchise’s storied twenty-year history. The game offers extreme weaponry & dreadful opponents and an online multiplayer mode that can further polish your skills with the rest of your friends to take down the opponent aircrafts together.

Ace Combat 7 Review
Ace Combat 7 Review

Ace Combat 7 Story:

Its 2020, the country is Erusea which had reformed into an empire – Started battle on the Osean Federation for unknown causes. The game’s tale cut scenes are taken from the view of many characters similar in a way to Ace Combat 4 cut scenes that froms the view of the Side story narrator.

Ace Combat 7 Story
Ace Combat 7 Story

ACE Combat 7 Features:

Return to Strangereal:

The alternative ace combat world made up of real world current and near future arsenals, but a past steeped in Ace Combat lore.

Innovation in the Sky:

Spectacular clouds filled with in depth aircraft & photorealistic surroundings makes this game the most attractive Ace Combat released so far.

Virtual Battle:

VR battles made entirely for PS VR offer unparalleled depth & this game seems exciting while playing on the PS VR console.

Ace Combat 7 Gameplay:

Ace Combat 7 Gameplay
Ace Combat 7 Gameplay

Ace Combat 7 gameplay elements are taken mainly from the earlier versions in the series with little unique content. For the first time clouds will play main role in gameplay that will let the aircraft flying in stealth. The gamers can now carry out superior maneuvers in addition to enhancing tactical view next to rivals. Helicopters are not included in Ace Combat 7 as it is focused mainly on fighter jets. The series trades on an idiosyncratic blend of real military jets, soaring soundtracks, rapport and rivalries, and the introduction of oversized enemy aircraft. Not only did it put players right in the hot seat of critical battles, but it also personalized the wide-ranging catastrophe of war without ending its light and engaging tone.

Ace Combat 7 PS VR Experience:

Ace Combat 7 will offer support for PS VR but the degree of its support in the video game’s campaign & multiplayer modes are still unknown. The major campaign & VR are created separately & some visual detail will not be included in PS VR as the requirement of 60 FPS should be maintained.

Ace Combat 7 Specifications:

  • Developer: Project Aces
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Series: Ace Combat
  • Platform: PS4
  • Release date: 2018
  • Genre: Combat flight simulator
  • Mode: Single player, Multiplayer

Ace Combat 7 Trailer:

Watch Ace Combat 7 trailer uploaded at Playstation Experience 2016 for PS4 & PS VR.

Ace Combat 7 Walkthrough:

To add fun to this post we have added Ace Combat 7 - 23 Minutes of Gameplay Walkthrough.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League Review:

RIGS Mechanized Combat League is a battle sports game developed by Guerrilla Cambridge and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PS4 & PS VR. RIGS Mechanized Combat League game was considered a marketable collapse & as a result Sony closed down Guerrilla Cambridge.
RIGS Mechanized Combat League Review
RIGS Mechanized Combat League Review

RIGS Mechanized Combat League is set in the future & the game takes elements from diverse athletic fields like battle, sports, bikes, basketball & further merges those elements into an explosive cockstail. The game offers eye catching graphics when played with PS VR and you are practically involved in this game as it gives you better grip over robots.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League Gameplay:

At the centre of RIGS Mechanized Combat League are quick, massive & fully armed athletic sports androids that you will control and they will give you victory over rivals.
RIGS Mechanized Combat League Gameplay
RIGS Mechanized Combat League Gameplay

While controlling one of these easy to control androids you will experience the single player combat that will push your skills to the maximum limit. Display your abilities in Trials to hold the right to dare for the title in Career mode, or have better team skills in stunning multiplayer mode in 4 outstanding battle grounds spread worldwide as you encounter the rest of the challengers in the future sport.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League Career Mode:

Rise and shine through the robotic battle leagues in Career mode. Beat your rivals to get fame & luck. Spin your victory into enhanced RIGS & highly expert AI pilots will join your squad.

Display what you have got as a RIGS pilot in exhibition Trials in order to win the hearts of sponsors, gain profitable deals to your squad & get elite pilot gear.
RIGS Mechanized Combat League Career Mode
RIGS Mechanized Combat League Career Mode

RIGS Mechanized Combat League Multiplayer Mode:

It is up to you whether you want to play on your own or take the help of your friends in online multiplayer modes where you will be beating the tough opponents. You can build the team with your friends to knock out the rivals.

You can join 2 AI pilots to your squad & confront a rival to a 1 vs 1 match. You can further start a friendly match next to a PSN buddy or you can play an exhibition match against any online player.

You can make a 3 player squad & battle your way up to the leagues to become Division Champions in a series of 3 vs 3 players’ matches. 

RIGS Mechanized Combat League Sports Types:

You can jump into the battle ground central goal but you must know that the rivals will try their best with putting their RIGS on the line to guard it. You need to break their guard to become the true champion.

Fight for control of the ball & start playing for the Endzone. You can steal, pass & attack your foes to keep control for your squad.
The game lets you flex your RIG’s muscles & attack your rivals to gain points in this nastily easy but terribly strategic all out battle.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League Specifications:

Release date: 13 October 2016

Developer: Guerrilla Cambridge

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Platform: PlayStation 4

Genres: First person shooter, Sports game

Modes: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game

RIGS Mechanized Combat League Walkthrough:

Watch RIGS Mechanized Combat League Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Offline Career Mode.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League Walkthrough

Edge of Nowhere Review:

Edge of Nowhere is a PS VR 3rd person action-adventure video game in development by Insomniac Games. The game follows the trail of a lost journey that expends across the treacherous peaks of Antarctica. Scale huge ice walls & move deep into alien caves in the suspenseful story never seen before. You are on the edge of death where nothing is what it looks & danger is waiting for you.
Edge of Nowhere Review
Edge of Nowhere Review

Edge of Nowhere Story:

The hero is looking for his fiancé who is a part of a missing expedition in Antarctica. He is on his quest to rescue his fiancé but the expedition will delve him deeper into a dark horrible planet where truth twists around him. Anxious to discover his loved one, he must face upsetting monsters & climb steep cliff walls as he slides down into insanity.
Edge of Nowhere Story
Edge of Nowhere Story

Edge of Nowhere Features:

Discover the strange Antarctica & experience thrill. Utilize your wits to run away dark caverns & the risks that are waiting for your in cold & inside your brain.

You will scale huge walls of ice & discover the deceitful Mountains of Antarctica. There are hidden caves that you will find out & there are creatures in the caves who will give you a tough time. The monsters are huge and strong.

You will utilize arsenals & also your wits to stay alive in the planet where you are on the verge of death. You need to run away and shoot the monsters from distance so that they do not harm you.

Grip to your common sense in a weird planet where nothing is what it looks like and you are the one who will find out what happened to the missing group in Antarctica. You will be finding hidden paths & the gameplay offers immense experience into the frozen world.

Edge of Nowhere is created only for PS VR so the game will experience a massive sense of scale from vertigo including mountains to massive creatures.

Edge of Nowhere Gameplay:

Edge of Nowhere Gameplay
Edge of Nowhere Gameplay

Edge of Nowhere will let you control the hero Victor Howard throughout his expedition to look for his fiancé who along with the other members who went missing. The hero will not only survive the cold & the peaks of Antarctica where only one mistake could end his life but he will also battle monsters and they are in huge numbers.

Edge of Nowhere Release Date:

Edge of Nowhere is released on 6 June, 2016.

Edge of Nowhere Specifications:

Initial release date: 6 June 2016

Developer: Insomniac Games

Publisher: Insomniac Games

Mode: Single player video game

Platform: PC Windows, PS VR

Edge of Nowhere Walkthrough:

Watch Edge of Nowhere Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (No Commentary).

Edge of Nowhere Walkthrough

Thumper Review:

Thumper joins typical rhythm action with quickness & pleasing physicality. With just 1 button & stick now you can control a space beetle while racing through eye-catching & disloyal planets. The game features violence without any bloodshed.

Thumper Review
Thumper Review

Thumper Gameplay:

Start your never-ending road & collide through harsh hurdles with easy & yet effective controls. Move ahead, learn fresh moves, arrive at high speed, & endure classic boss fights. You must cross the rhythm hell in order to reach synesthetic heaven.

Thumper is a video game that allows you to control a space beetle running on rails, and you have to match the beat by timing a button & it grows much faster & harder over time. The game is like more rhythm video game that you would have played earlier but it is more powerful mainly on PS VR that is really diverse from the other games of its genre.

The paths are risky & quick & the way to stay alive is to time the beat that let the players to control their characters to bend into unexpected spins & hit markers at the correct instant. Something short of an entire bond b/w player & the path will outcome in crashes. The way to achieve success is enduring long enough to meet the boss who appears at the end of track. You have to beat the boss and let not lose confidence. You have to match each beat he sends your way in order to defeat him & you are promoted to next level.

The majority of the time, the players has to act in new ways at a high velocity. When they are going to cross a sharp curve, they need to hit a button & also position the analog stick too. Fail to hold the turn long enough or not pressing the button at the correct moment & they collide. Spiked segments need you to jump while a sequence of obstacles can be achieved when you press down the beat button.

Thumper Gameplay
Thumper Gameplay

The game is about how you survive in the control of music & it is actually very little about composing music. You will smash into something if you are more than a second late when the beats & the rest of the barriers come in your way.

Thumper Features:

Some of the features of Thumper are presented below:

1. Thumper is a next generation rhythm action video game that require quick response from the player

2. Play the game in ultra glossy traditional HD or completely immersive PS VR

3. Thumper features 9 levels of rhythm hell

4. In the end of level you will have to beat a boss

5. The controls are very simple just using analog stick and 1 button you can control a space beetle

6. The soundtrack of the game is composed by Brian Gibson

Thumper Price:

Thumper PS4 Price: $19.99

Thumper PS VR Price: $19.99

Thumper PC Price: $19.99

Thumper Specifications:

Release date: 10 October 2016

Developer: Drool

Publisher: Drool

Platforms: PS4, PC & PS VR

Genres: Rhythm game, Survival horror

Thumper Walkthrough:

Watch Thumper HD Gameplay Walkthrough. Thumper is a violent rhythm game on the PS VR.

Thumper Walkthrough

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Review:

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood review begins with an Until Dawn follow-up created by Supermassive Games. The game is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PSVR. The game copies were distributed throughout the globe on 13 October, 2016.

“Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a dive into insanity, charming you on a frightening roller coaster journey of excitement and fright in an arcade fashion shooter video game.”

Until Dawn Rush of Blood review progresses from the twisted brains of the squad following PS4 terror typical Until Dawn, arrives the new version that is gun shooter probably like Resident Evil 6. Hold at the most firearm and flash your way through a crowd of rivals and ogres coming at you from all perspectives. Dodge and evade everything that’s tossed at you in this fear packed journey from torment limited to PSVR. Until Dawn Rush of Blood review persist with several roads to catch and terrifying themes to fright the livelihood daylights out of you, no 2 travels will ever be at the identical level and neither will you.
Until Dawn Rush of Blood Review
Until Dawn Rush of Blood Review

A FPS VR skill, Rush of Blood gets its character on a breathtaking arcade on rails roller coaster journey through several heights. Here the character is forced to fire arriving risks, whether it would be The Psycho or a horrifying phantom.

Leader of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida brings in the game on stage and said that in the VR game, "The excitement of the journey won't just come from the path further on, but from a frightening earth that is just waiting to get you."

Until Dawn Rush of Blood Gameplay:

Until Dawn Rush of Blood gameplay offers 7 diverse stages, each growing in complexity and having exclusive sites and rivals. All the 7 stages are accessible in a novel tale, or can be played by choosing a stage alone on a stage choose menu.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood gameplay can be enjoyed in any difficulty including Easy, Normal, Insane and Psychotic. Each of the primary 3 presents a rising hard test. Psychotic Mode is the hardest of all difficulty that only lets one life.

Until Dawn Rush of Blood and every single stage can be played at one out of four skill levels: Easy, Normal, Insane, and Psychotic. Each of the first three presents an increasingly difficult challenge. Psychotic Mode, the final skill level, is the most difficult and only allows a single life. Completing all four will unlock a 'true ending' for the story.
Until Dawn Rush of Blood Gameplay
Until Dawn Rush of Blood Gameplay

Until Dawn Rush of Blood Features:


During stages, the character may get diverse arsenal by firing a painted package with a gun. The weapon will be used by the individual hand that blasts the package.


In every walkthrough, the character will be honored marks for firing several aims and rivals. At the finish of every stage, the character is then awarded a mark and rating breakdown and is also given marks for correctness and for each time the character attains a multi-kill. Shooting suitable objectives includes a level to a multiplier that can be increased upto 8x. The multiplier drops if the character ends firing and restarts if the hero gets harm. The marks of the character are saved in an online leaderboard.


A range of buried joker stuff can be discovered in each stage, and a particular secrecy piece can be discovered in a few stages by gazing at them. The single mystery thing gives a small tale series. Until Dawn Rush of Blood gives the character marks for discovering them.


The game offers several division roads to be caught, and a few of these are concealed. Every choice road will offer the character with secreted undergrounds, extra making stuff, or extra fact to the earth. They can be accessed by gunfire symbols with an arrow flicking to the way the road departs or gunfire the walls in front of the interchange track before arriving at the diversion.


At the finish of October 2015, some gossips of an Until Dawn DLC began to reach about. The developers later proclaimed that gamers had to stop for an official announcement.

On 27 October, 2015, the game had been formally proclaimed by Sony during a meeting at Paris Games Week. The developers later confirmed the announcement of Until Dawn Rush of Blood.

Until Dawn Rush of Blood Specifications:

Until Dawn Rush of Blood specifications are as under:

Developer: Supermassive Games
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Horror, Action, Arcade
Release Date: 13 October, 2016
Platform: Playstation VR

Until Dawn Rush of Blood Price:

Until Dawn Rush of Blood price is an under:

Until Dawn Rush of Blood PSVR price: $19.96

Until Dawn Rush of Blood Full Walkthrough:

Watch Until Dawn Rush of Blood full walkthrough. The post contain Until Dawn Rush of Blood full walkthrough that cover all chapters and include cutscenes and endings. 

Until Dawn Rush of Blood Full Walkthrough

Batman Arkham VR Review:

Batman Arkham is a series of action-adventure video games and Batman Arkham VR is the 5th episode in the series developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive. The game is released on 11 October, 2016.
Batman Arkham VR review
Batman Arkham VR Review

Batman: Arkham VR review submerges heroes into the Dark Knight’s world as they practice Gotham City through the vision of the earth’s utmost officer. Batman Arkham review continues Investigating bottomless into an all fresh Batman Arkham secrecy, those who go into this practical earth must imagine like Batman and use his renowned widgets to untie a story that terrorizes the survival of his nearby buddies.

Batman Arkham VR Story:

Batman Arkham VR story tells the player is Bruce Wayne, who is in front of a piano in a big space inside Wayne mansion. Alfred shows to Bruce right side, and offer him the piano key which he needs to unlock and play to activate a secret basement that guides to a bat cave. When Bruce is on his path he clutches the parts of his bat suit and place them on one after another and finally he enters into bat cave. Alfred has some worse news for Bruce and he tells him that Nightwing has been assassinated. The player continues to set off to the alley, and observe the dead body of Grayson, lying there wilting next to a fence, broken arm, jaw, ribs, and a broken neck. Bruce utilizes his police officer talents to rebuild the fight, he carries through Nightwing's fight with an unidentified attacker, investigating the instants that guided to his wounds and ultimate loss. Batman Arkham VR story persists as from this he studies that the offense had an eyewitness, a negotiator of the Penguin.
Batman Arkham VR story
Batman Arkham VR Story

After this, he interviews the Penguin on his agent’s site, only to discover him lifeless, Bruce attempts looking into the corpse for proof. He is finally venture to the drains to save a fascinated Robin, but is not capable to save Tim from Killer Croc. He creates his path to Arkham Asylum, where he finds out that he killed Grayson and fascinated Tim in the drains. Batman Arkham review persists as Bruce discovers that he did this because the Joker has a control over his body and is driving him crazy.

Batman Arkham VR story states during the understanding, there are also many noises in the setting like Alfred's repeated sound and an alarm timepiece, deeply suggesting that Bruce is having a bad dream.

Batman Arkham VR Development:

In June 2016 during E3, it was declared that Rocksteady was creating Batman: Arkham VR for PS4, which is distributed on 11 October 2016. Batman Arkham VR has heroes who use Batman widgets to untie a story that terrorizes the life of his nearby partners.

Batman Arkham VR Price:

Batman Arkham VR PS4 Digital Code: $19.99

Batman Arkham VR Specifications:

Genre: Action-adventure
Developers: Rocksteady Studios
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive 
Platform: PS4
Release date: 11 October, 2016

Batman Arkham VR full walkthrough:

Watch Batman Arkham VR full walkthrough. We have posted a no commentary Batman Arkham VR full walkthrough for our fans who want to enjoy watching game movie. This is the complete campaign of Batman Arkham VR including ending.

Batman Arkham VR full walkthrough


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