Pros and cons of a kid companion in video games / How a little companion can help or trouble players in games:

In certain games, you are accompanied by a little companion & both of you must complete the game together. A little companion is usually controlled by AI, & he has weak defense but can help you in gameplay. This article is about advantages & disadvantages of a kid companion in video games.

Pros of a little companion:

Benefit: Kid helping player in combat
Benefit: Kid helping player in combat
Image Credit: Sony

A Kid can fight against the weak foes & you can focus on harder enemies. Not every enemy is targeting you which can give you some relief.

Team Attack
Team Attack
Image Credit: Sony

A Little companion can help player in team attacks. When facing the boss, you can get his attention & allow the kid to target his weak spots. Boss is focusing on you & the kid can cause serious damage by aiming at his weak spots.

He can pick up items dropped by enemies. Now player can focus on the fight & allow the kid to pick up loot that might disappear after sometime.

Kids can hide & wait till the danger is over. They can hide in places that adults can’t enter such as barrels.

Benefits of Little Companion - Stealth Kill
Benefit of Little Companion: Stealth Kill
Image Credit: tinyBuild

A Kid can assassinate inattentive enemies because he causes low disturbance due to his small size.

A little companion can help you in finding an escape route. Both of you can take different directions for finding a way out. If anyone finds an escape route; he can inform the other character.

You can lift the kid to reach higher surface & he can listen to enemy conversations silently from the top or help you in opening door.

Kids are loyal so players can trust them.

A Kid will give you a good company & plays a key role in the story.

A Kid can pick a firewood or a torch, & show you the way in darkness.

Solving Puzzle
Crank Puzzle
Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

A Kid can help you in solving puzzles. You need to turn the crank to open the door but when you leave the crank, it starts turning in the opposite direction & door is slowly closing. In this scenario, you can use the boy to turn the crank & keep holding it until you access the door. There are many types of puzzles that need two people. In such puzzles you can take help of the kid.

When you accidentally lose your weapon in a fight, then the kid can pass his own to you.

A Kid can steal items from the enemies such as weapons, food, money or keys.

A Kid can use special skills to help player in gameplay. He may be good at stealth, stealing or lockpicking. Player can level him to enhance his skills.

A Kid can make potions to help player restore health.

A Kid can pit one enemy against another. He can hit an enemy with a stone when hiding, & the enemy will blame another enemy for that attack, & a fight will start.

A kid can enter vent
A kid can enter vents
Image Credit: Valve

A little companion is able to enter areas that have small openings & you might not pass through that gap.

In certain parts of the game, you may be playing as the kid. If your fight is against the boss, then you can avoid his attack by running away from him. Wait for the boss to complete his turn & then hit him on the weak spots.

Cons of a little companion:

When kids take another route & they are away from the protection of their guardians then their journey can be full of troubles because they will have difficulty in facing enemies as compared to the journey of their adult companions who can survive on their own.

In certain parts of the game, you may be controlling the kid. Gameplay of kid can be tedious & boring because he can’t directly face enemies, & run away from them, & want to hit them in the back which need patience & hard work.

Beware – A silly friend can be more dangerous than a clever foe. Kid can alert guards or hit you unintentionally with an arrow.

It will be difficult for a kid to fight against alert foes.

Kids usually play a key role in the story & games can’t proceed without them. So, players need to make sure that they are alive.

Take care of the kid
Take care of the kid
Image Credit: Focus Home Interactive

Kids are weak & can’t defend themselves. They will need protection of the players.

Players need to worry about 2 lives.

A Kid can’t kill an enemy with bare hands.

They play a minor role in combat but a major role in the story.

Kids are vulnerable to enemy attacks. They have lower stamina & health than players.

A kid can equip bow but not heavy weapons
A kid can equip bow but not heavy weapons
Image Credit: Naughty Dog

They can use a bow, slingshot or knife but can’t wield heavy sword or mace.

A Kid needs your commands “ like wait, follow me, or hide etc” for survival.

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