Does Dungeons 4 support Couch & Online Co-op | Multiplayer | Cross Play | Cross Progression?

Control a dark overlord who is looking forward to taking over the full fantasy planet. Dungeons 4 lets us play alone or in cooperation with our friend.

Does Dungeons 4 support Local and Online Co-op?
Does Dungeons 4 support Local and Online Co-op?
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Does Dungeons 4 support Couch & Online Co-op?

Dungeons 4 does not support Couch Co-op. However, Online Co-op is supported in Dungeons 4. 2 players can manage a dungeon with each other. The story campaign & the scenarios are both supported in Online Co-op.


Does Dungeons 4 support Couch & Online PVP Multiplayer?

Dungeons 4 does not support Couch & Online PVP Multiplayer.


Does Dungeons 4 support Cross Play & Cross Progression?

Dungeons 4 does not support Cross Play & Cross Progression.


Dungeons 4 Main Multiplayer Modes:

  • Shared / Split Screen Co-op: Not supported
  • Online Co-op: Supported for up to 2 players
  • LAN Co-op: Not supported
  • Shared / Split Screen VS Multiplayer: Not supported
  • Online VS Multiplayer: Not supported
  • LAN VS Multiplayer: Not supported
  • Cross Platform Multiplayer: Not supported


Dungeons 4 Story:

The in-game action is set in a fantasy world, after the circumstances shown in the earlier game. Users will again control a dark overlord, & with the company of the trusted elfess Thalya, he battles for power against the entire planet. The enemies want to stop the protagonist from achieving his plans.


Dungeons 4 Gameplay:

The in-game action can be seen from a bird’s eye perspective. Gameplay depends on 2 pillars. One of them is the building of the dungeons, where minions live & it acts as the base of their actions. The dungeons need to be big, featuring comfortability & security. Another pillar of Dungeons 4 are battles that take place outside & users need to send their militaries gathered in the underground. The military of heroes contains undead, devils & the horde. During battles, users can use their companion Thalya’s skills. Users will confront ranked rival units & bosses in the arena.

The core of Dungeons 4 gameplay is its narrative campaign. In this campaign, a narrative from the previous games in the series guides users about the upcoming events. Users can also complete single scenarios.

Dungeons 4 features solo & Co-op gameplay.

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