Differences between WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship vs WRC 9:

WRC 9 offered more exciting features such as co-op driver, new countries & stages, a long list of vehicles, enhancement in career mode etc.

WRC 10 is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the FIA World Rally Championship & offering historical vehicles, new roads, & improved controls to have the sensational feeling of driving a rally.


New Features of WRC 10:

New vehicles are available as well as 6 historic ones. 120 special stages are included in the game. The game includes 52 official teams that will participate in the 2021 WRC season. Also, you can enjoy 20 legendary vehicles.

Differences between WRC 10 vs WRC 9
Differences between WRC 10 vs WRC 9
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Vehicle Handling - WRC 10 vs WRC 9:

WRC 10 offers more emphasis on vehicle handling. This game is more realistic, there is a higher level of precision, & it provides enhanced driving control.

Enjoy enhancement in haptic feedback on PlayStation 5 gamepad while driving vehicles in WRC 10 such that you will feel a softer accelerator when vehicle is in the air, which will give you a feeling of less tire friction.

WRC 10 is highly realistic when compared with WRC 9. Driving the rally feels more intuitive even if you are using a gamepad.


Game Physics – WRC 10 vs WRC 9:

WRC 10 has tweaked the game’s physics. The control of aero forces, the turbo & braking has been tweaked to become very realistic on all surfaces.


Sounds - WRC 10 vs WRC 9:

Enjoy lust environment, enhanced tracks, as well as new vehicle sounds in WRC 10. Vehicle sounds are authentic because developers have recorded the sounds of real vehicles. Also, you can enjoy authentic sounds of vehicle collisions. Vehicle sounds of WRC 9 felt fake.


History Mode - WRC 10:

The History mode of WRC 10 will allow you to enjoy 19 historical events that need your adaptation to various racing conditions of the history.


Career Mode - WRC 10 vs WRC 9:

Career mode of WRC 9 was considered well-balanced, & now a livery editor is available which allows you to make your own team & customize (color) your vehicles.


Enhanced Optimization on Xbox Series X/S & PS5:

Enhanced optimization is available for next-gen hardware such as you will feel smoother gameplay on Xbox Series X/S & PS5.


Advantages of WRC 10:

  • Amazing actuality in driving physics.
  • Highly detailed & real environments.
  • Consists of over 50 official teams.
  • Consists of vehicles & locations from past WRC races.

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